Amazing Thailand Photos, Must See (Not mine!)

Awesome Thailand photos (click image to enlarge)

You think you’ve seen awesome photos of Thailand and then you see something that blows your perspective. I saw a guy on Flickr do this type of graphical manipulation with photos of Hawaii that just blew me away. Here’s a guy doing it in Thailand – well, here’s a guy that has photos of Thailand, not sure if he lives here or what his story is.

His name is

Eric Rousset of “Pi Productions”.

His Flickr photos are here >
(click on a collection on the right that looks interesting)

Here are more photos – not of Thailand, but some really nice shots >

Anyone know how he does this?

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  1. The images are created using a technique called HDR which stands for high dynamic range. In simple terms it combines several images taken at different exposures.

  2. I liked the naga (snake) too. That was the first one I saw when I said to myself – WOW – that’s an awesome photo, wonder if the photog has some more online. Then I found the whole stash. Like finding jewels. My g/f doesn’t like them though. Says they’re like paintings. That’s WHY I like them. Like the most detailed paintings you ever saw you know?

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