Songkran Water Throwing Festival, Songkran-ers in Action…

Finally I got around to finding some of my old Songkran photos from a year ago. Some of these were taken in Ubon Ratchathani, and some were taken in Sisaket which is just west of Ubon.

Songkran that year had a HOT three days so the water felt great and I stayed out throwing water for 8-10 hours each day.

This year I’m not so sure. I’m in Pattaya and the days get hot, but not nearly like it was last year. Thais’ say that the days of Songkran are the hottest of the year. We’ll see if that holds true. Today it’s not blistering hot.

Songkran Water Festival Photos > (many, you should have a fast connection to view this page)

Hmm, some confusion about WHEN Songkran actually starts this year. EVERYTHING I’ve seen on the internet says it starts April 13th. But, my friend called this morning from Bangkok and said she thinks it starts TOMORROW! So, I high-tailed it to the internet cafe to upload my old photos and got to work creating some video files of the proper technique for shooting the water guns and applying powder to someone’s face during Songkran festivities.

I’ll post the Songkran festival movie files shortly – when I get them put together in an hour or so…

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