Thailand ODD Photos Series (Part 2)

In Ko Samui is a snake farm where they also have centipedes and scorpions and other things. This is snake boy – I think, he is married to Scorpion girl if I’m not mistaken. Scorpion girl holds a record for living with the most scorpions over something like 200 or 300+ days. I arrived here and there was no show, but for 100 or 200 baht the guy pulled the biggest king cobras out of the cage and let me take photos as they struck at me and hissed like banshees. Very fun morning.

Safety of toddlers in Thailand is NOT a major concern as you can see… here this kid is inside a stroller, no helmet and riding alongside in the carrier of the motorbike. Actually this kid IS safe compared to how they usually carry kids on the motorbike!

Cavemen traffic lights in Krabi, one street away from the river – (parallel with the river). There are 4 of these huge guys.

Buddha undercover. This is also in Krabi, at a new white temple downtown in Krabi – very close to the cavemen above.

More Thai kids being unsafe. I could SEE the bottom of this pool of water – but the kids insisted on diving in headfirst time after time… ughhhh

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