Red Ant (Weaver Ants) Egg Hunting in Thailand

Not really hunting, because I already found a bunch of nests. Tomorrow if I remember I’ll head back out there and see about harvesting some weaver ant eggs.

Weaver ants are the red ants that appear to have some intelligence. They stop and look at you when you put your hand close. They can bite and hold on and you don’t feel them that much. They attack en masse and can cover your arm in a few seconds if you mess with the nest. Fortunately this is a low-lying nest – two actually on one thin branch.

I’ve tried grabbing nests before but they were in the wrong spot – and I couldn’t do it without the ants crawling all over my legs and arms which wasn’t much cared for. Tomorrow my plan is to whack the branch holding the two nests and get most of the ants to fall off initially, while I hack the branch off with my hunting knife, dropping it into a white bag.

That’s the plan anyway. I hate to get bit by stuff – but, it’s been far too long since I’ve been planning this… and too many failed attempts. Let’s see – can I pull this off or no?

Author: Vern

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