Thailand Breast Slap Video – Breast Enlargement Technique

Thailand Breast Slap Video - technique for increasing bust size

My head must have been in a fog to have missed this. Back in December a couple people brought it to light – it is absolutely hilarious, and maybe the funniest thing I have ever seen come out of Thailand.

That is saying a LOT.

What is the Thailand Breast Slap natural breast augmentation technique?

Here is my YouTube video on the topic. I do the best I can to show you what the original video looked like before YouTube took it down. There are a few quirks before the video really gets going – bear with me if you would.

Thailand Breast Slap Video:

The government, is weirded out by the high numbers of breast jobs being done in Thailand – among Thais – and was searching for alternatives. Along comes beautician, Kemmika Na Songkla with a viable technique the government wants to look at.

Seems that Kemmika’s grandmother has really decent breasts – in size and spunk, and she revealed her technique to her grand daughter. It involves smacking the breasts repeatedly over time and many sessions – exercises away from the beautician’s office as well.

Some blogs – like one in the Philipinnes is saying that “Reports have said that the Thailand government is recommending women to slap each others breasts in an effort to make them bigger. The Thailand Health Ministry is offering classes as a substitute for the silicone implant surgery, very common for many Thai people.”

And, “Ms Khemmikka, now 35, says her shapely breasts are all the advertisement she needs and has marketed the technique in her beauty parlour for 15 years. Six sessions cost $380, and yield an increase of up to 4in without injections, chemicals or implants.”

A client of the program turned up with Breast Cancer and blamed it on her whacky slapping the breasts technique. Khemmika asked the Thailand Health Ministry to help find out if there might be a link between cancer and the breast slapping.

So Dr Pennappa Sapcharoen, the deputy director of the traditional medicine division, realizing that no clinical trials – experiments – had been done, started a 6-month experiment with volunteers from ages 20-60!


Vigorous massage (slapping?) of the breasts left volunteers breasts cancer-free and measurably bigger.

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  1. That was the stupidest video iv seen. Why show brewast slapping on a man? Womens breasts are completely different then mens. Please show me a real video

  2. Do that Tom, and let me know the good news. This could be a nationwide sensation. I’m eager to start filming more video out in public… see what the public take is on all this. It definitely DOES seem to work…

  3. Vern, I loved the attempt you made here. I may have to try it out on my girlfriend next month when I visit. I will let you know if I survive…….

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