Video of the Week – Just One of Those Days

If attempted sex between two consenting animals (Tapirs) gives you any problem… don’t read this, or view the video at the end of this article.

I think they said he was on his 2nd go-round, so maybe there’s no need to feel that sorry for this beast…

The good news is… “Guys – if you find yourself in the same boat, Cambodia still sells Kamagra. Even if your girl (or you) looks like one these Tapirs – you’ll still be swinging for the stars with that stuff.”

Did I ever tell the story here of when I won some Viagra in a radio station contest back in Tampa, Florida in 2002?

I went down to the station and picked it up after a doctor interviewed me and pronounced me medically fit (no finger up the trapdoor, just some questions).

I took 1/8th of the tablet to try it… and I was not only surprised – but ELATED. You just wouldn’t believe the boost it gives. Though you might think you’re doing OK in that department, one fraction of that pill will give you something you haven’t seen since your teens. No joke.

It gave me a wicked high blood pressure though – like my head was going to burst. It also gave me a problem in discerning green and blue colors. Weird huh? Quite frankly, I was afraid I’d die if I tried it again. I gave the pills to various friends that wanted to try it – and they all reported back – 100% success.

I was in the pharmacy in Phnom Penh a couple months ago – and they have Kamagra – the Indian rip-off version, which people say works just as well. I think it’s the same active ingredient.

So, don’t fret… there’s help available. I think you could be half dead and that stuff would work. Would it work on this beast? I’m not sure he really has a problem, other than it’s twice the size it needs to be.

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