Vern Slapped Down by Snake Expert?

If you didn’t see my last post – here it is:

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I was a little bit stumped by the snake I found last night on the porch but I gave it a shot -and was completely wrong as to which one it is…

I thought it was Hagen’s viper. The pics are close enough. The coloring is very similar… the head wasn’t as long as the Hagen’s viper on my snake. Nor was the snake aggressive at all – no strikes in 30 minutes of working with it… Nor did the size make sense. The snake I was looking at was 1.5 meters plus. The Hagen’s viper doesn’t get over somewhere around 116cm.

Snake expert, Joachim Bulian, an expert from Germany residing in Thailand set me straight with his assessment…

“That is not a Pitviper. That is a green cat snake. Boiga cyanea!”

So, if you don’t mind, I’d like to change my guess to what he said. He had a photo of the green cat snake – and I’ve seen it on his site before but didn’t see it recently when I was looking up my snake… yep, this is exactly the snake I saw…

Boiga cyanea, a green cat snake. Photo taken by: Joachim Bulian. Website:
Boiga cyanea, a green cat snake. Photo: Joachim Bulian.
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