Baby Got Her 1st Spoonful of Red Ant Eggs!

Baby eating red ant eggs
My friend John told me NOT to do this, but I can’t see the harm in it.

I told you in a past post that I’d go out and collect some ant eggs – which I did, here’s me collecting the red ant nests holding the eggs video >

They were just like I remembered them, there is a little acidic taste to them and they’d go well with anything. Well, baby was watching me eat them and I thought – now THAT is a good video. I loaded up the spoon and rolled video as baby cried a lot but finally ate her first spoonful of red ant eggs – Isaan style.

She’s half – Thai so I figured it won’t affect her. So far, no diarrhea or throwing up and it’s been 4 hours. I think we’re out of the dangerous period.

Check out the video – baby eating a spoonful of red ant eggs! Can YOUR baby do that?


Eating Bamboo Worms – Gross Grub Series

Eating bamboo worms was probably one of the more enjoyable bug snacks I’ve had in Thailand. They had a taste that was tolerable – and even, well – decent I think if eaten at a slower pace than I ate them in this video. Sort of the same as the ant eggs – they had a taste that wasn’t all bad – and that someone could crave if he got used to it. I recommend them if you see them at the local Thai food market.

Thai food is sure varied, isn’t it?