My Sustainable Living Experiments

Gross Grub Series: Eating bamboo worms in ThailandI’ve been dabbling in sustainable living lately. Didn’t know that was the term for it until I did some searches on Google.

Specifically I’m looking into whether I could eat insects to survive. So far, the answer is yes. BUT, I’ve not attempted to actually survive off them – only taste them. Could someone LIVE off these things? I’m not sure. They’re fried in oil -and, though they still have the protein – probably anything else of value has been heat-treated away.

Most everything I ate so far tasted like either leaves with soy sauce and salt or sticks with soy sauce and salt. Could someone LIVE off that?

I’m considering some further experiments -but would need to find a place here in Thailand where I could find a whole lot of variety of them.

Any ideas?

Would anyone consider buying them for me in your town and sending them in plastic bags by POST to me? That might work best…

If anyone can help me with this – I’d appreciate it!

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