Passive-Aggressive Ball-less Anonymous Expats with Axes to Grind – But Who Knows Why?

Language not appropriate for kids, or those that are easily offended…

Amazon allows idiots at their site to give anonymous reviews of books they may not have even read. It’s all anonymous that is, until you file a court action against them.

There are fruitloops writing anonymous, scathing reviews of books they never read – and authors are helpless to do anything about them until you file a court action.

J R Dickson (JD) aka, Mathmos69, the user at Amazon writing shit reviews of my books will understand soon what it means to defame someone on a website as I’ll file this document with Amazon and watch the shit roll downhill.

Here are two reviews of “Thai Black Book” by this anonymous fucknut that doesn’t have the courage to face me in person about whatever he’s fucked off about. So he writes bad comments about my book he obviously never read.

This lame, schoolgirl stabyouintheback behavior is better known in psych circles as passive-aggressive behavior. This I learned a lot about in psychology graduate school. There are all sorts of fuckwits – that resort to doing what they can to payback perceived slights – that nobody else would have given a second thought to.

So here is a review of the book posted by MathMos69 on the English Amazon Kindle site:

Here is the same fuckmonkey – using another user name on the Amazon Kindle UK board – to review the same book. Contradicts himself – but it doesn’t matter because he’s anonymous – as Kindle has deemed appropriate. Oddly familiar review right?

Now, do you LIVE in Thailand, or you VISIT A LOT – which is it jackass?

Dumbass… You can write me email at or leave a comment here to let me know what you really have a stick up your ass about.

If you insist – we can meet, but I can’t help thinking I’d hit you with a fucking bat.

Up to you, as we say here in the Land of Smiles…

I have a pretty good idea who you are after some online sleuthing. If you are who I think, I reiterate that if I see you – I can predict the outcome will be me cracking you in the fucking head with a bat, or whatever is handy at the time.

In the meantime I’ll start filling out this notification to Amazon about defamatory content as a result of your comments. They have your purchasing information – so, they know who you are… and that my misguided foe, is a very good thing for me!