My New Girlfriend from Malaysia

Thailand is one of the coolest places a man could live. That much is sure. Though I’ve not sampled too many other countries in the world, probably not even a dozen, but I have to believe Thailand is the RIGHT place for a guy to have some fun.

A while back I had two friends. One was having Thai girl trouble. It was his ex-girlfriend and she kept coming around the bar he owned and trying to get him to go with her. His wife didn’t approve. My other friend talked to all of them together and somehow convinced them all to live together so “Jeff” could have his cake, and eat it too. They tried it and it worked for more than a year.

I want the same deal. In Thailand many see this as NORMAL. I hope eventually we get to that point in our house… my Thai wife is not happy about it.

I found this gorgeous little Malay girl from the south and I saw her a couple times before I decided – forget this – I’m going to take her out of the shadows and make this legit. She’s coming home with me.

My wife was terrified of course.  It’s going to screw up our family… what we have… Is it right to bring a new girl in the house with a 3 month old? I wasn’t sure about right and wrong at this point – I just know what I want.

I picked her up yesterday and it has not been quiet around the house, but eventually I think my wife will come around and accept my new girl.

Anyway, I shot a short video about it – as my friend said in the Philippines, Vern will be getting some new tail!