Australia is Out, Indonesia is In…

Indonesia is probably the best place to move after Thailand. I’m saying that because I’m at my wits end… I just don’t know where in the world to go. I was thinking Australia – but I’m getting mixed reviews from people I know that have lived there and visited, and some expats that are staying there now. A mixed bag means I’ll probably not like it all that much.

Laos is completely out. China – no way. Japan – was never an option, now that tuna is fluorescing because of nuclear fallout – it is even less an option than it ever was. Cambodia – too little infrastructure in place… things I am used to… a feeling of safety for my family – just not there. Malaysia – I just don’t like. New Zealand – too cold. Singapore – too small and structured too much like the USA I absconded from. Hong Kong – too remote, small, expensive, crowded. Ditto that for Taiwan and anything else up that way. Philippines – I just never had the urge to even see it. The fact that a million Americans live there – is off-putting.

Indonesia is all that’s left in my mind.

Anybody living there now that wants to tell me what it’s like? Anybody have a guess as to what it’s like bringing a Thai wife, her mom, and our daughter over there?

Where To Go?

Anybody have any insight about where expats living in Thailand with their Thai spouse can easily go to another country and settle down?

Just wondering.

If it was possible to go to Indonesia… Borneo, China, Japan… maybe we would. Anyone know how easy it is to go elsewhere?

Australia? New Zealand? Malaysia? Singapore? Philippines?