This Snake Resembles the Deadly Kraits – But, is Harmless


Malayan Bridle Snake - a Thailand snake which is not dangerous but can be easily confused with the deadly Thailand kraits.

I just finished a write-up about a snake that looks very similar to the deadly Malayan, Banded, and Many-banded kraits – but, which is harmless to humans.

Malayan Bridle Snake <- click for fact sheet

I’m calling it a Malayan Bridle Snake, not absolutely positive though. There are 3 snakes that are similar in appearance.

  • Malayan Bridle Snake
  • Common Bridle Snake
  • Laotian Wolf Snake

It could be any of these snakes – all of which are harmless.

One difference between the kraits which can kill you – and the three harmless snakes listed above… only the kraits get over a meter in length. Another difference is that only the kraits can get 3 fingers or more in body thickness. Remember, there are juvenile kraits that can look very similar to the snake you see here – and the other two listed above.

Be careful with any snake you find in Thailand. Most people are bitten by snakes as they try to kill them – not trying to avoid them altogether.