Thailand Python Eats a Kid!

Thailand python head

Thailand python ate kid

I ate dinner at a favorite lakefront restaurant last night and on the way back I saw a crowd gathered around a large portrait of the Queen of Thailand… I kept going. It was the Queen’s Birthday. As I sat at the stop light something wasn’t right… Why were they all looking down? It was more like there was something to see there… I turned around and so glad I did.

On the ground in front of the crowd was a 5 meter long python with a rope around his neck and gigantic bulge in it’s belly. I asked what did it eat – everyone kept saying “pet”. Whose pet? A dog? No, pet. A cow? No, pet. Someone said the Muslims make curry out of pet. HUH? Chicken? Mussaman curry… damn, what am I food expert? I went through charades with the Thais gathered around because nobody knew the word in English.

I asked – does it have 4 legs – yes. Wings? No. Pet is also duck… not a duck. Chicken (or a whole hen-house?)? No. Dog? No.

I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what in this snakes stomach. Finally a girl came that knew the word for pet in English – goat.

Is a baby goat a kid? I think so… if not – apologies for the sensationalism.

Damn, it swallowed a whole GOAT? That’s why you don’t let your kids run through the jungle in Thailand. Or maybe that’s why you don’t run through the jungle either. The poisonous Thailand snakes are really interesting – but snakes that could eat you are also high on my list.

I’ll get video up on my YouTube channel in a few days…

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