Japan Slammed By 8.9 Magnitude Earthquake – Gets Tsunami

Watching the couple videos out now – the Japan earthquakes are hammering Japan right now – and there is a good sized tsunami destroying boats, buildings, cars, and surely many people are losing their lives at this very moment.

There have been many earthquakes recently – I’m on those email alerts – so I’ve seen about 15 earthquakes in various places roll in over this morning. Sad day in Japan – Best of luck if you are there or have loved ones there!

Is Thailand in danger of a tsunami?

Nope, sure doesn’t look like it. Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam all seem to block it pretty well.

Thailand Tsunami Information – and Subscription to SMS or RSS Alerts

If you want a quick look at whether Thailand or anywhere in southeast Asia could be affected by a tsunami – check this website:


Region 3 is the Indian ocean – and covers Thailand’s western and eastern costs.

If you want to subscribe to receive email when there are earthquakes in your area (create an area to watch on a map – drag the outline of the area – I created a square all around Thailand from Africa to Thailand to Philippines to Australia.


To subscribe to RSS feeds – (for your news reader) click the Indian ocean region link at this site:


If it doesn’t work. Hit the back button in your browser, and right click the link – copy the link – and paste it into your RSS reader.