ThaiPulse Blog for Sale

We decided, after quite a lot of thought that we should sell all the websites that are taking my time away from what I want to do – write books., is a well established domain with over 700 pages of written content and a couple thousand image pages and video pages.

The content on ThaiPulse is focused on expat life in Thailand.

Traffic has been nice lately – and climbing – 500+ unique visitors per day, usually many more.

Adsense income has been $10+ per day the last few days, but I don’t expect that to hold. Typically Adsense is about $5-6 per day on average. In a year – around $2,000.

The price is only $2,900 and the value is predominantly in the strong inbound links and constant traffic over 4+ years. The name lends itself to a number of possibilities.

If you’re serious about buying this domain, bring an offer through Email with questions: Once you’ve deposited the funds in we will transfer the domain and give you the logins for the other accounts.

We are also selling a couple of other sites you may have an interest in:

SOLD already. :P

Quick Stats Update…

stats2Youtube ThaiPulse Travel Channel video views: 830,000 +

ThaiPulse pageviews (total): 1.8 million +

Aim for Awesome pageviews: 300,000+

Downloads of Joy’s Thai Food Recipe E-Books: 43,000+

Joy’s Thai Food Youtube Channel Video views: 308,000+

Movies viewed onsite at ThaiPulse: 116,000+

Posts at ThaiPulse: 464 (with this one)

Posts at Joy’s Thai Food: 247

ThaiPulse! Becomes Interactive – chat with me by this site…

Wow, this is something that I thought was VERY cool. And, it’s free.

I was surfing around trying to find other good blogs and thinking about a vlog or a video blog concept for ThaiPulse! and I stumbled on this other site from France. Who SAID nothing good ever came out of France! Joking, joking, I have nothing against anybody from France and quite frankly can’t understand what the weirdness is about between Americans and the French. I’ve not experienced anything negative.

So, this girl had a chat box on her site. I tried it – I was chatting with her FROM her site – as if it was messenger. Kind of cool.

I immediately got it and plugged it into this blog. It’s on the lower right side. If you put a message in it will send it directly to my messenger. If you have any questions or want to say “hey”, feel free. If I’m already chatting with someone it will show “User is busy” in the chat box.

I’m going to test it on here for a little while and see if any adverse effects develop. I think this chat box has been around for a while, but there could always be spam that starts spilling into my mailbox because of it.

Ok, just wanted to let you know about that new chat feature for this site. It’s free.