Your Thai Girl? Everybody’s Thai Girl!

A couple of guys have written books about “Your Thai Girl” – one of them becoming a best seller, written by an elderly guy from the UK years ago. Year 2000?

Times have changed, and certainly even the girls in the village have changed. I don’t think Thai culture is changing for the better – but, that’s just me. I really prefer the traditional upbringing of the girls in the Northeast – whose families are hardworking and have jobs so their kids don’t need to go to the tourist areas to bed tourists for money.

Thai girls like most guys find in Thailand are not yours by any stretch of the imagination. They’re just about anybody’s Thai girl. Whomever has the cash at the moment.

I have a friend that has told me (and showed me) numerous times that he can have any Thai girl he wants. He can get them to bed – he is sure of it.

I’m not so sure he is wrong, but, to add a little context – the guy lives in Patong Beach – whore central, and I’ve not seen him fail there. Sure he’s not hitting up CEOs of Thai companies in Phuket town, but still… he has remarkable success banging everyone else’s Thai girls. Married, or with boyfriends or fiances – no matter, the guy has great success. Is money involved? Usually.

Your options for finding out a lot about Thai girls has been limited in the past to guys writing an ebook about it and some photo sites. Few people go very deep into Thai girls and how to find out a whole lot of information about them.

Thai Girls HQ is doing just that. A recently opened Thai girl portal for anyone interested in learning more about Thailand’s lovely lasses.

Coincidentally, or not, Thai Dating HQ, has also just opened for those interested in dating Thai girls in Thailand – or possibly across the world, I haven’t checked it out too well yet.