Foreign Girl’s Marriage to Thai Man Goes Sour

With the exception of one teacher I know – and I’m not at all sure how rosy that relationship is either – I can honestly say that I know of no foreign girls that have had good relationships with Thai men.

When I say “good” I mean the girl is not being beat, dominated, or taken advantage of for money.

I know of MANY Thai girls that are dealing with guys that beat them, cheat on them, and do whatever they damn well please too.

Recently I read a girl’s post about her marriage with a Thai teacher in Khon Kaen that went seriously sour as the guy appears to be a gambler with a big problem.

Read Rachel’s post here >

Thai Men and Thai Women

I came back to my room just after noon the other day to work on the book and I heard some arguing in a room about 4 doors down. I looked out the window. A university girl was trying to take her motorbike and leave some idiot guy with his shirt off who was wrestling her for control of the motorbike and alternating that with squeezing her ass, tits, and pulling her shirt to get her off the motorbike. He might have been drunk – I couldn’t tell, he was just really controlling and physically disrespectful with her.

Thai guys are sometimes LIKE THIS man. There are many that feel like the woman is the property. Even in disputes where bottles are broken, people are cut or hit in the face – it’s usually left alone by neighbors and police. Domestic disputes between husband and wife or boyfriend – girlfriend are not disturbed… Thais just go at it – to whatever end.

It was interesting this story in the Pattaya City news.

A farang and his date – a girl by all accounts, tried to get into a club in Pattaya. The 2 guys working the door – Thai guys – said the girl was a ladyboy and not a girl. She insisted she’s a girl. She showed her ID – she was a girl. They refused her entry. She sprayed them in the face with pepper spray! hahhahah. They beat the hell out of her – go see the photos at the link below. And the police charged the two guys only – not the girl at all.

Weird to see it happen like this…

Link to Story – Girl – REALLY a girl – Beat up by Guards >

Match the Bar Girl with Her REAL Boyfriend…

Thought I’d have a multiple choice question today…. It’s called, “Match the bar girl with her real boyfriend”…

a.) The guy that banged her last night for “short-time”

b.) The Thai guy that she gives money to every week so he can drink with his friends and not have to work (she really loves this guy from her heart)

c.) The guy she has a baby with in Isaan that her mother or sister is taking care of

d.) The guy she didn’t meet yet that’s gonna bang her tonight “short-time”

e.) The guy she took back to her village in Isaan 2 weeks ago that wanted to meet her family before they get married in 6 months

f.) The other guy sending 25,000 baht every month so she stays out of the bars because they are engaged

g.) The “tom” girl that she also gives money to and that she likes a lot, but is confused if it’s what she really wants

h.) One of the 57 other expats from around the world that routinely give her a go when they’re in town a couple times per year

Which one is the REAL boyfriend?

Which one are you?

I think my readers are too smart to fall for this one… or, they have already been here and seen the anti-bargirl and Pattaya expat rants and raves and go elsewhere for their humor.

Is there another type of Thai bar girl boyfriend I forgot?


Find a Thai Wife, Ultra-Exclusive Agency (me)

I was thinking the other day, half-jokingly about what I could do to help some good Thai girls I know to find husbands from other countries. Husbands that would treat them right and be good enough for them because, quite frankly I don’t know too many guys that are good enough for them.

Maybe I know the wrong crowd?

So, I was thinking… and I ran with the idea a bit. I’m still half serious – but if you’re interested in coming from the USA or England or some other place and you speak English pretty well (so you and I can communicate) then give me an email and we’ll see what happens.

The thing about this match-making service is that I screen the foreign guys as much as the girls!

Would you still do it?

Article is at Thaipulse main site:

Find a Thai Wife… or, “Do you want to find a GREAT Thai girl to marry?” Want to find in-depth Thai Girl Information? <-link.

Farang – Thai Dinner Dates

Farang - Thai Dinner Dates

I used to have a problem with this one, but after a couple
of times of having to pay for the family and friends of
girls I hardly knew at all I put an end to it.

Now I’m practically married, but when I was dating and
I found a new girl to ask to dinner I would ask if she
wanted to go. Maybe 30% of the time that girl would
say something about bringing her friend. If I had in my
mind that I was just going to be friends with the girl I’d
let her invite someone. In Isaan when a girl is seen out
with someone – especially a farang – they are dating.
The entire town or village will know before sunset.

That’s Isaan and quite a few other smaller places in

Now, it’s the 70% of the girls that don’t mention any-
thing at all about bringing others to what you think is
a private dinner that can ruin the evening.

After they said, “Yes”, and 95% of the time a Thai
girl WILL say yes to dinner not because she likes you,
but, because she LOVES with every cell of her body,
MK Sooki Yaki at the mall. A good percentage of
the time the girl will ask – “Can we go to MK?”
To the other percentage that didn’t ask, I usually
asked them, “Do you want to go to MK?” That way
there were genuine smiles all around and I had a
better chance of having a good time.

After we picked a place, I would ask just to be sure.
“We will go to dinner ALONE, yes?”. I would get
her to understand this point if it took 10 minutes
and resulted in her deciding that she couldn’t go
with me without also having friends accompany

There’s no sense for a farang to do something he
doesn’t want to do here. There are so many girls
that will go out with you alone – that you don’t
need to waste your time on someone that won’t.

It might be harsh, but, it’s the best way to
operate here – a farang has something of value.
His money. That’s it. But, you can use that to
some advantage sometimes.

So – be careful when you ask someone – ANY
one on a dinner or lunch date. I always wait for
the new guys I meet to tell me the stories of how
they’ve paid for the family and neighbors to eat
at the seafood restaurants. It’s funny because
it happened to me.

It doesn’t kill you once, and you’ll learn
something about Thai culture.

But, don’t do it TWICE!

Abusive Thai Boy-Girl Relationship: What would YOU do?

There is a girl in my mathyom 3 class, she just
turned 15 yrs old.

She is very sweet and quiet… She has braces. I’ll call
her “Ying”. She is tall. She’s in the English program
at this good government school. She isn’t smart
at Math – the subject I teach, but at English she is

She was frequently late to my class last term and
absent many times.

She skipped my class numerous times last term too.

Today I found out why.

The head of the English program at the school, a
Thai woman, middle aged – called the M3 teachers
into the office today to discuss a problem.

One of the students – Ying.

I thought – wow, Ying doesn’t have a problem.

Then she laid it out for us.

Ying has been late to many classes – and skipped
many classes. She has been absent 17 times this
term already.

Ying has a “bad boy” for a boyfriend. Actually she
doesn’t want him as a boyfriend anymore, but the
boy has threatened her that he will kill her family
and her if she breaks up with him.

Ying’s boyfriend often takes her behind the rest-
rooms here on campus to kiss her and fondle her
– from what we’re told by other teachers that
have found them.

If you understand Thai society – they don’t DO
THAT here. Unless you’re talking about the whores
in Phuket, Pattaya, or other tourist sex areas here
in Thailand the Thai women just don’t do anything
at all in public. My girlfriend won’t hold my hand,
touch me or kiss me in public. EVER.

I think this situation must be highly unusual. This
girl’s family has a lot of money and a business here
in town. They spend 60,000 baht per year to send
their daughter to school in our English program.

They also send her to extra classes which probably
run another 20-30,000 baht per year.

Now the craziest part of this relationship is this…

The boy needs money… so, in typical Thai male
fashion he goes to her to get it.

Ying’s parents don’t give her money anymore. She
only has money to eat at school and nothing extra.

So, her boyfriend got creative.

He makes her go into her own class and collect
money from her friends – the entire class so that
they all must give him money.

If she doesn’t collect it, she gets HIT. He has hit
her on many occasions we were told.

Now, this is all crazy enough and we could
imagine a man doing this… but, this is a 16 YEAR
OLD BOY in the grade above hers!

Is that bizarre? Not in Thailand.

Of course, we foreign teachers asked the director…
what are you doing about it?

She said, “What can we do? He threatened to hurt
Ying and her parents if Ying breaks up with him.
He threatened to beat her up if they stop giving her

We were pretty astounded. So, their plan was WHAT
we asked…

“Not sure.”

She then tells us that this boy is part of a gang here
in the town and that they’re a very bad group of kids.

We then remind her that this is THAILAND… you
could wipe out the whole gang for 100,000 baht if you
chose to. 20k baht per head and maybe a payoff to
police, but maybe not necessary – depending whose
kids are in this gang.

To be terrorized by a group of 16 year olds and to
have no response except to continue letting a girl get
molested and beat up by a guy she doesn’t love or
even like anymore just isn’t an option to me.

I’m no stranger to violence, being from the US and
having been in many altercations during my life –
while in the armed forces and other places… but,
this is THAILAND man, this is where they don’t need
to take any of this nonsense – just get rid of the

I hope someone resolves this soon.

What would you do if your son was in the class? If
this girl, Ying, was YOUR daughter?

What would you do if he threatened to kill YOUR
family if your daughter broke up with him?

Hmm, it wouldn’t take me long to find the local
hitman and resolve the problem. Yes, it may cause
problems even bigger than THIS once things are
set straight for THIS issue. But, you can either
watch the game and be victims or set it straight
and then set it straight again and again.

Until it’s right. I’d go for that option.

The “not sure” option is the Thai way…

What would you do?

Guy Beats Wife in front of 4 yr old Daughter (and other Thai Couples issues)

Guy Beats Wife in front of 4 year old Daughter…

Driving home on the motorbike last night here in our home town of Surat Thani, Thailand a guy had his “wife?” bent over backwards on a table and was strangling her while his 4 year old daughter screamed and clawed at him to pull him away from her…


We were driving by fast and it was very dark in that area but my girlfriend yelled in my ear, “What was that?”.

I had slowed when I heard the child screaming and I turned around and saw the guy on top of her and strangling her. Both of his hands were wrapped firmly around her throat and I’m sure she was just seconds from passing out.

I turned the motorbike around and shined the headlight on him just as he stopped and walked away from her and went back into their house/business (sewage disposal trucks in the driveway). The little girl was screaming MOMMY and fiercely grasping at her mom’s legs. Her mom stood up, stumbled a bit, and walked back toward the house screaming in a rage something at the guy that I didn’t understand.

Welcome to Thailand and the way Thai relationships are. We’ve all heard stories of someone that has seen it first-hand or heard it from their tee-rak or other. Usually a story goes something like this… a girl was murdered… everyone knew, or, many people saw it happen, but they ignored it because they thought it was a husband and wife argument.

Yeah, that’s it. They just ignored a guy beating the hell out of his wife, choking her, cutting her, shooting her, etc… because they thought it was just a relationship slaughter – which nobody gets involved in here.

It’s a pretty sick thing when there are many witnesses and yet nobody calls the police. OR, when the police are called, they either a.) don’t respond because it’s a woman/man fight. or, b.) they respond and refuse to step in because again, it’s a woman man fight -and likely a relationship fight.

In Thailand it is part of their culture that everyone looks the other way. In my experience above, there was a group of neighbors looking at him choke her and we didn’t hear anyone saying anything. Thai people don’t say anything.

Would you say something? If you were the woman and the guy got up off of you, your life was spared at least for a little longer, would you RUN away? Or stay?

Here is something I wrote on my web site about Thai Boy/Girl relationships

Here is an article that I liked from another writer about Thai Couple’s relationships and what can be expected… “Do’s and Don’ts of Dating a Thai Guy

I’ve got more stories about relationship abuse… the next one will be about my 15 year old student and her lovely relationship with a Thai boy that is one year older and what he makes her do! Stay tuned…