Farang and Bargirl Relationships in Thailand…

Farang and bargirl relationships in Thailand

(Last updated: 29 December 2016)

I’m thinking that these notecards are better off done in a graphics program, but my g/f likes them better handwritten like this. I’m sort of ambivalent except hand writing these goes much more quickly. MUCH by a factor of 10 much.

Farang-bargirl relationships are doomed from the start. That’s my own personal take on it. You can’t possibly think that a girl that has lied to everyone she knows for a period of months or years will EVER come around and start telling you the truth about everything she is doing, the friends she has, the guys she knows abroad that are sending her money for years after you’ve married her… the different bank accounts, the numerous cell phone SIM cards she has.

You wouldn’t date a girl like this in your own country so why in he11 would you date and MARRY one here?

I know the temptation must be overwhelming to some. Some guys have not had a girlfriend during their entire LIVES and they come here and suddenly they have 3 girls – all 10/10 fawning over them and making promises to love them long time…

A guy like that is going to be duped into believing totally unbelievable BS and worse, can be led down the path to marriage very easily.

This is really so far from reality that to those of us that can see it (and I can only see it because I fell for a girl that was “not” a bargirl, but then, ended up to BE a bargirl!!!) that it defies explanation.

The need to be loved… to conquer a beautiful 10/10 girl and have her falling at your feet is a part of life that these guys will do anything to experience.

Once they start playing that game, the girls know just how to milk every baht from them and ditch them when the baht stops flowing or slows down to a level that isn’t worth their time.

Guys that come to Thailand looking for a girl, a girl that they are going to spend their entire life with – or at least a percentage should really do the

Look for girls here:

  • Mukdahan
  • Sisaket
  • Surin
  • Yasothon
  • Ubon
  • Loei – or any other backwoods city in the

Limit spending on “your girl” for 1st year to:

60000 baht. That’s 5000/mth and more than enough for EVERY girl in Isaan to live happily on. They DO IT FOR LESS.

3 strikes you’re out:

If “your girl” doesn’t answer the phone 3 times during the course of you knowing her – drop her. No, I’m not joking. A Thai girl can answer her phone AND have a conversation at 100km/hr on a motorbike. She KNOWS when the phone goes off at all times. The phone is their life.
If she misses 3 of your calls, there are 3 very good (or bad) reasons why. Drop her and move on to the next.

Count how many times “your girl” mentions money in the course of 1 year. A bargirl, or a girl with a similar mentality that is focused on money and sees you as an ATM will mention money once per day or so. This is a MINIMUM.

My g/f from Isaan has mentioned needing money exactly twice in our 2+ year relationship. Once she was in Bangkok and didn’t have enough money for the train ticket back home (600b). The other time was when she needed some clothes for work (1500b).

Other than that I give her 4000 per month and she has been happy with that. THIS is how a good Thai girl should be… HAPPY that she doesn’t have to go to work at a chicken parts factory because you will pay her 4000 baht per month, pay for her food and her rent and phone cards.

That’s it.

If you don’t have a relationship similar to this – then you have found a parasite that is milking you for money.

Good relationships exist in Thailand, it’s just that finding one takes more than the minute it takes you to enter a bar, have your future wife sit beside you and give you a crotch grope and ask for a drink.

Invest 1 week, 2 weeks, a month in Isaan. Hang out at the malls or shopping areas. DON’T date the girls working at the shops – as they seem to be ex-pattaya and Patong girls for some reason.

Especially Robinsons. I’m not sure why.

Don’t date ANY Thai girl with a Tattoo. Good girls don’t get them here. (Update 2016- many girls are getting them. Trust me, no girl that hasn’t worked in a bar gets a huge spread eagle across the top of her ass!)

Go to the college library and sit around with your laptop in Isaan and see how many smiles you will get. Turn a smile into a “practice your English” session and you’ll be on your way.

Be careful because though you may be in Isaan, even some college girls have friends that are plying the sex-trade in tourist places in LOS. If she mentions money at all when you first meet. She is one of those girls that knows the game from that perspective. For what ever reasons… she thinks farang = ATM. Move on.

There are THOUSANDS UPON PRECIOUS THOUSANDS of drop-dead gorgeous, smart, funny, sweet and innocent girls in Isaan at the colleges.

Put a little time in there and see what you can find.

Your chances for finding a lasting relationship will improve by a factor of “9” and you’ll look less stupid in a group, bringing your covered with tattoos, smoking cigarettes, underwear and bra-showing Thai girlfriend or wife for everyone to laugh at.

Case in point. A teacher from England at my school brought his bargirl girlfriend (his word) to a school function where the kids are to put on a play.

All the teachers are there, the parents are there…. and this guy brings his black as charcoal girlfriend (number 1 bargirl identifier), covered with tattoos (#2), with her ultra tight and short skirt (#3), pierced nose (#4) and low cut shirt (#5) to the children’s function!

I was sitting at a table with the other Thai teachers in the English program. When my friend and this girl walked in – in Thai the teachers said she was ugly and a whore!


So – this is part of the reason farang get no respect here in Thailand. We don’t know how to act. A Thai man would never, EVER in his life bring a whore to a children’s function at the place they work! NEVER!

Actually, the only guys that are EVER in public with a whore is when they are pimps themselves or brothers or fathers.

Thai guys are very aware of their standing in the community. Even a large community. There is no anonymity here. Everyone knows everyone. Farangs – even more so. There are people that know my name in the town that I’ve never seen. They know more about me than I could have ever guessed.

Thai culture is built on face – and levels of face. Walking around with whores from Pattaya is a sure way to get zero respect in Thailand. You might think – oh, they love my wife… in truth – they all are calling her whore and nobody likes her or you for bringing her.

Anyway – I’m a bit out of material!

Don’t date bargirls for more than a night!

Meditation Overnighter, without the Overnight

Arrived at the Krabi wat about 7:30am and took some time to see the caves again and walk the forest on a “break the spider’s webs with your face because you’re the first dummy to walk around today” routine. I used to do the same dumb thing riding the mountain bike in Florida and Hawaii through the woods… I’d have spider webs all over my face and spiders down my back, in my hair. Krabi is such a beautiful place that the spiders are almost negligible.

Thailand SpiderSpiders in Thailand are nothing to mess with though. Here’s one I saw 2 days ago at a small cave…

There’s maybe 200 steps to see the caves, 100 up, over the hill, and 100 down into the valley to see the caves, back up 100 and down 100 to sea-level. I then go load up at the convenience mart on food. They have little that I like so I get some of those raisin breads in plastic and 3 of the white bread with green pudding stuff on the top. I bought 2 small bags of peanuts on the walk to the wat for 5b each. I found bananas at a roadside stand and bought 6 small “apple-bananas” as we call them in Hawaii, for 10 baht. Expensive, oh well.

I start up the 1,237 steps that lead to the top of the mountain here in Krabi, and the Chedi and Buddhas. I hear tourists yelling above me and I’m only 80 steps into the climb. Rocks start flying over the hill and more tourists screaming. A brick hits a few yards in front of me and I recognize that it’s not quite time to go up the mountain, the MONKEYS ARE RESTLESS!

Just as I realize it’s the nutty monkeys, two of the bastards come around a rock and grab the 2 liter water bottle from my hand and rip it open with their teeth – all within striking distance. I don’t strike, I’m a meditator today, today I just watch and laugh… thinking about the bamboo stick I’m going to find to whack these twisted thieving human rejects with. I hear a girl still screaming and look up once more to see her wearing a monkey attached to her chest and trying to get into the purse and bag she’s holding above her head.

I think for a couple seconds about giving them back 80 steps of the hill. I decide on a retreat. We all do. Rocks are still flying over the hill. The monkeys grabbed everything the first group ahead of me brought. All the fruit, offerings to Buddha, water bottles and almost a purse. I go buy some more water. 3 small bottles. “30 baht”, she says. WHAT? 10 baht for a small water? She confirms. I shake my head thinking – they’re robbing me at the temple.

I relax a bit, watch a girl with her mom that dragged her to the temple to talk to the monk – probably she was a bad girl, she’s embarrassed and her mom is a bit angry. The monk is very friendly.

I head back up the mountain.

The monkeys are sitting like ducks – yet I don’t strike. They are picking each other clean of mites, ticks, fleas, whatever they have – and eating them. Guess they had enough of the tourists’ food for a while.

I walk by, almost stepping over them. They virtually ignore me. I walk up and up and up. I stop a couple times when I see a long section lit up by the sunshine. The sun is wicked hot in the am. It’s now about 8:30am.

I make it to the top and I’m sweating hard. I’m the first one up for the day and I drink some of the cold water from the cooler. Then I take some of the warm / un-cooled water and douse my shirt with it – ringing it out. I put it on and cool enough. I walk around, scout for meditation spots and shoot some video. Sorry, video upload will need to wait until I’m at a broadband shop, as it’s around 40 megs and I don’t want to shrink it and lose quality.

I choose a spot facing the Southwest mountains and sit down for a few hours. Meditation has changed for me since I stopped 10 years ago. It seems that whenever I meditate now there is not really a need to focus on the breath. No need to totally relax… it just comes. It’s there almost instantly. I experience a “no-thought” state just about as soon as I sit. I found that I can do it anytime I choose for as long as I choose. It’s strange.

When I started to meditate – by focusing on the breath with eyes closed and sitting cross-legged usually, I would start by focusing on the breath. Eventually the mind calmed and I’d lose feeling in extremities and then whole-body and then I’d progress through jhana when the state of no-thought occured.

Now- it’s always no thought if I choose. Strange. I am usually not in many levels of jhana anymore, unless I choose to start focusing on the breath.

Today I did a little focus on the breath, but the pain in my back was overpowering. I have not meditated in any serious way for about 10 years. My back just wasn’t ready to sit in that position for the few hours that I did.

Wat Tam Sua, Krabi, ThailandI stopped meditating about 3:30 pm and called it a day. As I was eating down n the 3rd level a guy walked by with some toilet paper. I told him, they locked the door to the toilet. No toilet. He started to walk back, I encouraged him to give it a try on the walkway down below – but to be careful as he’d be visible from 2nd and 1st level to unsuspecting tourists. He gave it his best shot apparently because when he came back up he was rubbing his belly and saying, “oh, ohhhhhhh” joking around. HAHHA. They DO have a sense of humor in Russia too I suppose.

I walked around and took some photos and thought maybe I’d return tomorrow if I took some paracetemol or some other pain-killer that didn’t make me tired, wired, dizzy, or weird.

I walked down and literally stepped OVER the monkey tales that lined the steps from about steps 100 to 30.

A good day, I spent much of the time in the “PRESENT” which is where I hoped to be today.

Now, posting what might be my last blog here for a bit as I’ve sold this computer and the phone I use as a modem to connect online.

The rest of my posts will be from the internet cafe before I leave Thailand – and will probably be lacking photos and videos since I can’t edit them with the software I prefer…

Ok, that’s it… !


Thai Culture: Thai People Sleep ANYWHERE!

Thai man sleeping on the street
I don’t really have a problem with this, it’s actually quite funny. I have seen more people sleep in the strangest places, than ever before in my life.

Thai people can really fall asleep just about anywhere. I’ve posted a couple examples on this page… then a link to a news story that happened recently, months after this post was originally posted.

In the first there is a man sleeping on the road. No, he didn’t just have an accident nor is he in a drunken stupor and fell down and knocked his hat off. He’s sleeping on a road at a resort on the island of Ko Samui. My girlfriend and I were just riding around this ultra-nice resort (for Samui) and we crested a hill and nearly ran into about 6 people laying down on the road… I wasn’t quick enough to think fast enough to tell my girlfriend to HURRY, GET THE CAMERA, but that would have been the ultimate photo to explain what I’m talking about.

This one we were ready for… around the next bend and over the next hill crest we see this guy and she snapped this photo like a champ!

In the photo below there is a boy in my Mathyom 3 English (Math) class that has fallen asleep DURING my exam! It happened quickly, one second he was awake and struggling with it (or struggling against falling asleep), and by the time I had turned around he was out cold.

Thai student sleeping during exam

There were more kids trying to sleep in my class than is reasonable. Yeah, it’s a boring class – MATH IS BORING. I livened it up sometimes with some shenanigans – but, overall it’s boring as hell, I gotta admit.
At least science class might have a tiny PIECE of something one might get interested in. Math – uhm, nope. Unless I WAS INTERESTING, the class was bored because math is just BLAH to 15 year olds.

Other places I’ve seen Thai people sleep:

  • All over a wat – (Buddhist temple). I think some come there JUST to sleep.
  • On a coconut palm that was sort of horizontal over the beach.
  • In hammocks – ANYWHERE – they put a hammock up between two trucks.
  • In a hammock UNDER a truck – attached to the frame of the bed of a 20 wheeled truck.
  • Anywhere they are having monks chant.
  • During meditation.
  • In their office.
  • At a restaurant.
  • In their car, taxi, tuk-tuk, or song-laew.
  • On bleachers at a sports game.
  • On a motorbike as their friend is driving – the driver is HOLDING the drunk, sleeping person upright to keep him or her from falling off the bike.
  • I’ve also seen guys NOT being held by someone else, just leaning hard on the driver – with his arms wrapped around the driver – and not falling off, but unconscious for sure.

Man falls asleep in comfortable bed – AFTER HE ROBS someone’s house!

Thai Smiles! Do you ever know what you’re getting…?

Thai smiles! (notecard)

When I first started dating my g/f here I was consistently getting the nicest smiles. These were
genuine smiles that come from the heart… It’s hard for foreigners (farang) to disguise smiles, as our smiles are in direct relationship with what we are feeling. We
cannot separate them and give a fake smile that is convincing. Most of us. Those that CAN do it in western society are very good at the game and can
fool nearly everyone because it’s such a rare trick.

Here in Thailand EVERYONE is a master of this game. The smile and feeling in your heart are not connected. In addition, there is NO cognitive dissonance within a Thai person that exhibits a smile different from what the person is thinking inside.

Lately with my girlfriend, as the relationship gets a little more “mature” – which really means, it begins to downgrade from fluff to reality… and I start farting in front of her and swearing unique combinations of words in traffic and such… I’ve noticed that she is smiling still. These are smiles that most would not detect as different… but, having known her for 2 years I can see a difference in the original smiles and these smiles.

Though the Thai smile can be said to have many, many, MANY meanings – and that they smile for EVERYTHING one might think that there are different smiles for each feeling or thought…

Not true.

There are only a couple smiles in their whole repertoire (sp?). Physically only a couple. Emotionally, there is the whole gamut – maybe 100+. Physically I’m going to guess my g/f has about 4.

Here is a short list of things that I’ve see Thais’ smiling for:

Unwilling to admit mistake
If caught staring
In middle of argument
If VERY upset

I’m not sure that they smile when they’re killing someone, but if they are killing over som tam, then it’s a distinct possibility. And a very real one.

Thai People, Thai Friends

Thai culture: Getting to know Thai people

If you stay here a bit you might find this to be true. Even
if you think you are getting to know the Thai people and
becoming their good friend, in reality – you are separated by a thick membrane of differences.

Thai’s grow up with a completely different environment. What is important to them and what is not important is vastly different from any foreigner’s experience. Sometimes I think we are WORLDS apart in how we look at
things and in what we believe.

To me, Thais’ appear to have little depth. On the surface that sounds callous, but, given that we’re completely different – it is not really a bad thing. My idea of depth is something I picked up in the environment of the USA.

Depth to me means – caring about achievement, caring about a person’s feelings, expressing true emotions so we all can know where the person stands… It involves things like – interest in things outside of the self… art?
politics? religion? questioning where we came from. interest in other’s cultures. Interests in things outside of Thailand – anything! Interest in some hobbies or just some curiousity about some different areas of life that one doesn’t normally experience in their own culture… stuff like that.

Thais’ are not this way overall.

So – from my American perspective they have no depth. Depth is a quality that is revered in America and, from what I’ve picked up from my friends from other English speaking countries , other places too.

Now, WHY is there no “depth” as I call it?

They have a culture where Buddhism and Animism is what everything is, or more accurately, was based on.

Buddhism teaches impermanence. Everything is changing and there is nothing that is permanent and worth “grasping” or clinging to with the mind.

“Modernization” is changing this view of things, but slowly. In Bangkok and other tourist areas they are changing faster but in the rural provinces they are quite conventional in their views and outlook.

Thais’ seem to be “in the moment”, another Buddhist concept. They seem to rarely worry about the future or what happened in the past. In America we
tend to obsess over things that are wrong and things that are coming up that we fear – the Thais’ don’t. They may think about a problem as they’re discussing it with someone. They will work on it to resolve it.

But, when the conversation is over, I think that’s it. They leave it… and go on about living in the moment like they usually do.

This concept is quite baffling to us that come from a different perspective. To see Thais’ go about their day seemingly not worried about anything is a bit weird to us.

To see them not interested in cultures outside of their own is odd to us. To see them laugh beside the road as someone is lying dead in the street, their friend perhaps, is very strange to us.

But, it’s based on how they grew up. Nothing is permanent. This life is transitory too, same as our experiences in this life. Nothing is worth getting
worked up over… everything passes, this too shall pass (I heard somewhere).

To me – I think I would have liked better to grow up in Thai society where I don’t look at things as too serious. I don’t think too deeply about anything.
I don’t obsess about the future or crap that happened in the past that cannot be changed. I just move on, move forward, being in the moment and not being affected for the most part by small things that happen throughout the day that really, in the big picture, don’t mean a thing.

Mai Bpen Rai, Krup… is the prevailing attitude here. “fa get about it…” or “no worries mate…” or “no problem”… that’s really the attitude I’d like to have
more of…

Is it shallow? Without depth? Maybe to us, but it’s also an alternative to the weirdness that we’ve become in America and other cultures that take
everything so seriously….

Unique Thai Experiences

Unique Thai experiences!

I wasn’t really aware that there was another level past
the level of sweating, crying and my nose running like

My Isaan girlfriend told me that she has another experience and it happens after crying, and sweating and her nose running… she says that she begins to feel air coming out of or into her ears. She’s not sure which.

Did anyone else experience this?

I’ve eaten what has been some VERY spicy food in Isaan before. Regularly eaten it, as in daily… and yet I think I must be stopping before I reach this special and unique Thai experience.

I think my better judgement tells me to STOP when other Thais just keep going because they are still getting some pleasure out of continuing to eat the
spicy food. For me – the pleasure begins to be outweighed by the pain in my mouth, AND the snot running out my nose and the sweating.

The sweating is aggravating because if I’m eating at an outdoor restaurant in Isaan and it’s spring and HOT like the desert, AND I’m wearing polyester pants and long sleeve button down shirt and Thai for teaching – it can get pretty hot. There’s never enough tissue to take care of my nose fluids either.

So – usually I stop as I come creeping up on that point.

Thais’ just go for it!

Did you get it before?

Appearance IS E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G in Thailand

Appearance is everything in Thailand: kee nok is what it looks like

Appearance is everything in Thailand.

The Thais’ will be nice to you anyway, regardless
– but their real feeling when they see a
backpacker or other person from abroad (or another
Thai) that doesn’t shower much, dresses like hell, doesn’t shave, and just generally isn’t concerned about appearance is that they are “Kee Nok”.

Bird Shite.

Today I heard from a co-worker that he was given the axe at work. Fired. Not going to renew his contract for the next year. Now this guy takes teaching
seriously. He puts his heart into it. His time, his effort at school all go into his lesson plans. When we see him interact with the kids in the office – you can tell he GENUINELY cares about the kids and wants to teach them everything he can. That’s obvious to all of us that teach here (12 foreign teachers).

Yeah, they gave no explanation – just gave him a letter. We’ve chosen not to renew your contract. He is the ONLY one out of the teachers here. The guy is brilliant obviously genius level IQ. He’s about 46 years old from the states and has a bachelors degree and teaching certificate from somewhere – I forget where.

There is only one thing this guy DOESN’T have going for him in Thialand. His appearance isn’t cutting it. He’s overweight, doesn’t dress sharply, he is frequently unkempt. He is frequently unshaven. He is often times slovenly. His breath smells like cigarette smoke BAD. I think he smokes the roll your own cigarettes. His class put an ad for underarm deoderant in his mailbox.
To give a hint I guess – though I’ve not smelled that.

He usually has stains of some sort on his shirt or pants.

Twice he has cut his hair with scissors very short but you could see EVERY cut. Very odd hairstyle.

His teeth are greyish and black and he doesn’t seem to care. Cosmetic dental surgery here is VERY cheap.

SO, that’s the story. That’s what I’m thinking the story is anyway. Appearance in Thailand is absolutely everything there is. If you have it – you’re set. If you
don’t – you need to GET it.

Another guy here – covered with tattoos decided he was going to get cut too if he didn’t bail first – so he’s bailing.

Tattoos are not so great either. He covered his up with long-sleeves but he had some idea that he needed to show them to the kids and staff and that wasn’t going over all that well (like a BIG BIRD KEE NOK).

If you want to stay in Thailand and be relatively successful, work here, and have others treat you well not only to your face, but behind your back – you’d
do better if you play the part.

If you just don’t fit the part – no worries – appearances aren’t for everyone – and I’m quite tired of having to maintain one. I’d love to come to work in jeans and unshaven… but I also want to maintain some sort of level of respect from the kids, neighbors, and others.

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No Shower? Smashed Fingers. Parental Discipline

I was talking to a teacher at lunch today… he related this incident.

He was teaching M1 physical education class this morning when he saw a 12 year old female student’s fingers bandaged up.

He asked her what happened and she didn’t want to say. He asked again. She said that she had to go to the hospital last night.
He asked, “Why?”

“I hurt my fingers…”

He said, “How?”

She said, “My father smashed my fingers and I had to go the hospital because I didn’t take a shower yesterday.”

He said, “WHAT?” She repeated it. The other kids were joking about it – but apparently that is what really happened.

I asked my girlfriend what she thought – and she told me that sometimes parents are really strict about certain things. Other kids are beat for not doing homework. Some are hit for not cleaning up. Some are hit for disrespect.

Overall from what I’ve seen I think that Thai parents are very lenient with their children. From life experience I’m guessing that overall parents from India are even MORE lenient, but I can’t think of another group that is in the same realm. Of course I don’t know every group. :P Nor do I like to generalize much, but of course that’s how we live our lives – basing what we believe and what we do on one generalization after another – leading to “who we are”. Anyway, that’s quite another post.

I’ve seen very few Thai parents hit their children here. Thai kids really do as they wish for the most part. I wish I had grown up here rather than in the USA for only this reason.

I’ve never had my fingers smashed with a hammer though…

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Thai Culture: The Big Black Bee Observation

Thai culture: The big black bee observation
Standing at flag ceremony this morning at a Thai government high school I noticed something.

People in America – all people, big or small, act a certain way when a LARGE buzzing creature flies in front of them and very close to them. Doesn’t matter if that buzzing thing is low or high – people flip out. It’s a national phenomenon.

Americans have all been stung by bees, wasps, hornets, and other bugs. We have learned through this process that loud, large buzzing things HURT when they sting you. We avoid them in any way possible. We are exaggerated in our attempt to get AWAY from some big thing flying in our face.

This morning at flag we’re standing there. I stand in back of the students and they are all facing forward like me, toward the flag and the football field. I see this HUGE black bee with a yellow spot on it. This thing was as big as a very large grape. I could hear the buzzing though it was 3 meters and more from me as it went buzzing between the students, weaving in and out of them… sometimes at face level, other times at chest or waist level.

What I noticed then was a difference in culture… beliefs. The Thai kids DID NOT MOVE AT ALL. Not ONE of them. This bee must have made it’s self known to 20 or more kids – and not one of them moved or even seemed to NOTICE. Nobody said anything. Nobody screamed. Nobody moved. Nobody reacted in any way.

What is that? Has anyone else seen this? For me – I FLIP OUT. I’m a grown man, but I still don’t want to be stung by something. I’ve already written a post about being stung many times by a large black hornet or wasp type thing while riding the motorbike. This bee was over twice as large as that one that was in my pants. And I would be jumping out of the way and warning everyone – BEE! BEE! That’s what we do in the states…

Why not here?

Here’s a video of the type of bee that was flying around – this is a video of one in my house, though this one is blackish purple without the yellow spot. The one this morning was a bit smaller and had the yellow spot. No less scary.

Would you schiz out or ignore it? If you’re really Thai I think you’d ignore it. I need to ask some people about why they don’t move out of the way at least…


Thai Wildlife: Crocodile Hunter… Did he ever get pissed on?

Thailand frog, a wildlife paradise here
I like to investigate Thai wildlife. If you go to my main site – www.thaipulse.com you’ll see some Thai wildlife videos that I took in the video section.

I know there’s a fine line between investigating and harrassment, and I try not to cross that line. But, I’m curious. How am I going to experience something new unless I’m doing something new? How am I supposed to see that this frog that’s wedged in the corner of my porch is poisonous or not? I gotta catch it and take a closer look.

I set up the video camera on the tripod. I’ve not even looked to see if I caught the footage or what I said… but, I’ll put it here for you to download too.

Frog catching video > video is about 6.3 MB. With fast connection, no problem. With connection we have in Thailand since the suboceanic cable was damaged? Maybe 25 minutes to download… can bookmark for later when your connection comes back strong.

I reached up with the net… put the net around him, and I relaxed… there… I’ve got him! He did nothing for a second… in hindsight I realize he was dreaming of a sexy Ms. Froggy and not at all aware he was now in my capable hands… I moved the net slightly and he starts jumping and spraying stuff all over me… it was like when I was 5 years old at the outdoor art show my aunt had taken us to. She told us to go behind the bushes and take a leak. We did. I pointed mine down. My brother starts playing “cross the stream” piss games and he gets excited and laughs and turns – and there’s piss all over me!

This was like that. Though nobody was around, just you loyal readers and I know you wouldn’t laugh at me getting piss in my face, right eye, corner of the right side of my mouth, and all over my arms… we’re expats… we don’t laugh at a fellow expat’s stupidity. That much I know.

So finally I catch him… and well, the rest you know from seeing the video.

Ha! I just looked at the video – and while I thought I had lost the frog for a minute -he was THERE the entire time. I was looking through the camera’s screen and I dont’ know HOW I missed the frog on the ground – but you’ll see it in the video… very strange. I KNEW that frog couldn’t have gone somewhere that quickly -and yet, he must have put some Jedi mind trick in that piss in my eye – to make me not see him.

Was Crocodile hunter Steve ever PISSED on by something? He HAD to be. And I don’t ever remember seeing that in his show. I’m sure it happened, but I didn’t get to see many episodes… the ones I did see were quite good – I’d never turn it off if I was flipping channels and saw him on. WHO COULD blow past it?

Anyway – the rest of the video is a monster mosquito I track and electrify with the mosquito racquet… also riveting material you won’t want to miss…