Thailand 3G Auction Blocked by Court

Well Thailand takes another flying leap – backward into the 1990’s.

Don’t Thais get upset with this shit? They just keep on mai pen rai’ing shit, and nothing moves forward… GTD quickly turns into GTF’ed in this country – if you give it an inch.

Mai pen rai is great for many situations, but here’s where it doesn’t work:

  • The southernmost 3 provinces
  • 3G debacle
  • Airports under seige
  • ADSL and electrical grid going down when there is rain or the wind blows

Mai pen rai everyfuckingthingelse, just let the country get some decent 3G wireless internet before humanity in this country starts growing tails. Soon we’ll all be reverting to monkeys banging out morse code on rocks to communicate.

AIS Mobile in Thailand Offering 3G Wireless AirCard 2,700 THB

Just got a message on my AIS phone, translated by my lovely wife it reads:

AIS 3G card for 2,700 THB allows the use of wireless internet everywhere in Thailand through AIS network. It also supports usage of GPRS, EDGE (EGPRS), along with 3G.

It is ready to use without getting it registered. Get another 2 free things which are – internet sim card for 1-2 call and free internet wireless internet hours -  50 hours – for 1 month.  The next month just refill for 149 baht and get another 50 hours. This is part of the special you get with the 2,700 THB AirCard. You can buy this 3G AirCard at any AIS shop anywhere in Thailand and at Telewiz locations.

They mention nothing about 3G not working right now across the nation… hmmm.

On this page: AIS 3G Modem

They’re offering a 3G USB modem for 3,990 THB with a different deal.

Thailand’s AIS 1-2 Call Selling 3G Already?

I just got an SMS message over my AIS phone that said:

AIS 3G AirCard 3,290.- รับฟรีเน็ตทั่วไทย 300ชม. ที่AIS Shopกดฟรี*14920

My wife called the *14920 number for information. It said it was 3,290 baht for 300 hours.  Ten hours per day – that’s enough for me. I’d go for that price.

It didn’t say it’s available right now. AIS appears to be testing the market to see who is interested in the 3G service.

Would SURE be nice to finally have 3G – but, I’m far from excited about the reality of it here in Thailand just yet. Probably mid 2010 is what we’re looking at – if we’re real lucky!

Thailand Last Country in Asia to Get 3G?

This is my 500th post here at ThaiPulse… fitting that it should be about something that means a lot to me – and anyone else who uses the internet on a daily basis in Thailand. The 3g fiasco has become legend among expats and Thais that need it. Will we get it in 2010? That remains to be seen… personally I’m betting Thaksin has a better chance of coming back and ruling as prime minister again. 3G is at least 2 years away in my estimation…

Here’s an article about it at Bahtsold – one of my favorite sites:

Thailand 3G Debacle >