Fighter Book and Thailand Centipede Video – VLOG 1

This is Thailand video blog (VLOG) 1. I don’t know how long this will continue, but, I want to see about doing a video every day about something in Thailand. Some videos will be good. Some will suck. If you don’t like me – they’ll all suck, so go somewhere else. If there’s nothing I feel like saying on a particular day – or week, I’ll not do a vlog. I think where people go wrong with vlogs and podcasts is that – if there’s nothing going on – DON’T shoot a video about it. Nobody cares.

VLOG 1 is about a book I think you’ll like and a beast you wouldn’t want to get anywhere near you without your knowledge. I caught a giant centipede last night and stuffed him in a snake bag. I’ll shoot some video of it today, let it go somewhere far from civilization, and post the video here tomorrow. We caught a small tarantula, some frogs, saw a beautiful leopard gecko type thing, none of which I bothered to shoot video of – it was night time and I’ve seen all that stuff before. I’ll try to find interesting things to show you, not bore you.

There’s always something going on in Thailand. I might comment about news, I might show you a snake I caught, I might tell you a good place to vacation in Thailand that you haven’t thought about, or mention a blog I just turned on to. There will be tech tips – like using your iphone as a modem for your computer, and other tech topics.

Here’s VLOG 1:

ThaiPulse Logos Throughout the Years

I found this directory of some of my past logos, funny stuff. I am NOT a graphics designer, by any stretch of the imagination… this should prove it. The problem is – I didn’t know any decent and cheap graphics designers for my sites for years. So, eventually I learned enough to do it myself. Now I don’t need a graphics person – for most things.

Anybody know a good graphics guy/gal they want to recommend? is my main Thailand site today. has become rather stagnant – I’ve done little with it for a long time. outranks it in most searches.


Starting a Thailand Blog

About the easiest thing to do is to start your own Thailand blog. One of the hardest things to do is to start blogging about some aspect of Thailand and make it work to support you.

Creating a blog is easy…. you could use Blogger – they recently updated their blog functionality – and now it’s not half bad. It’s still almost half bad, but if you want to avoid any of the technical junk that goes with creating a high-level blog – you should go with Blogger.

You can run Adsense ads on your blogger blog and your site will look something like “”.

You could also do basically the same thing at – they give you templates you can use and, to me it’s a much nicer blog format – but, whatever – you can choose between that and blogger for your Thailand blog. Your site will be “” using this solution.

If you want to go with the top of the line (and still free) solution – head over to You can, or someone you pay to, customize your site to your heart’s content. You can do basically anything with your site and your domain name will be or just (both work, though Thailand DNS chokes if you don’t use the www., you might have already experienced when searching for other sites.)

Blogging in Thailand is not a money-maker unless you are focusing on a tight niche and you rarely deviate from that niche. Add to that, your subject – your niche – needs to be something that people really want to read about – preferably daily, so you have repeat readers coming back all the time.

Starting a blog in the niche – “Thailand Attractions” – can be a winner, but expect to spend about 5 years of daily work, writing your ass off and making very interesting posts with photos – and videos. That niche is too large to really give you a good shot at success.

Starting a blog in the niche – “Thailand’s Political Scene” could give you much faster success, but, you’ll be treading water that could swallow you anytime. Say the wrong thing and your site might be blocked, or worse, you could end up in court or in jail.

The best niches in Thailand to start a blog about?

One island… like Koh Samui, Koh Chang, or something. Focus just on that island and pack your site full of information on it. I’ve seen nobody do this successfully yet. It will take time, but the rewards could be great in a relatively short time 1-2 yrs I’d estimate. You’ll need heaps of photos and videos too. I say one island, but one small anything… Bangkok for instance. Might work – but, would take some years to “own” that space. Pick a popular city or beach area and cover it thoroughly.

Muay Thai. Nobody is killing it yet in this niche – and it’s wide open. There is a world-wide audience and Thailand is one of the best places in the world to see it and train for it. This one could take as little as a year if you post 1-4 times per day and focus on the inside scoop. Surely there must be someone interested in doing this.

Nightlife. There have been a few people trying to get a good Thailand nightlife blog going, but they are not killing it because they don’t post often enough, have enough photos & videos, and cover more of the scene than just 1-3 bars. Nightlife means the entire spectrum. You can’t cover Bangkok nightlife talking about Nana Plaza and that’s it. There is a helluva lot more to Bangkok’s nightlife than that. Cover only the sexpat areas and just get sexpats to your blog. Cover all of the nightlife and have some of the 14.x million visitors check your site out too. Patong Beach, Pattaya, Bangkok, Chiang Mai – these are the best cities to focus on for nightlife – Koh Samui might work. Probably it’s too small.

Thai Visas. The site of the same name covers them in a roundabout way. Meaning, you have to read 150 pages of jackass expat comments to finally get at the meat of what you need to know. Create a site that stays on top of the latest requirements for getting Thai visas of all sorts – and I think this could be successful. People are dying for an alternative to the forum-style site about Thai visas.  Create a site that very clearly explains what is needed – by location… see, it differs from place to place. Kuala Lumpur has a different idea about it than does Vientianne, Laos, which differs from Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It IS tough as hell to keep it all straight. If you kept it all straight FOR people – then they wouldn’t have to rely on ThaiVisa .com – which is nightmare material.

Thailand Tragedies. I think someone beat you to this – we’ll see if they update their site a lot or not. There are many accidents and other things that foreign visitors and the expat community would love to be able to see in one place. Probably your site will be blocked within Thailand, but at least the rest of the world could enjoy it before they come.

I don’t know what other Thailand blogs would work. The competition for Thailand bargirls and ladyboys sites seems pretty stiff, but if it’s your game – and you want to put a couple years of hard effort in to make it to the top of the heap – it’s probably worth it.

I don’t know of a good site talking about great packages with airfare, hotel, car, and whatever else all included… you could start one of those.

I know what doesn’t work – blogging about whatever you’re doing. There are a couple people pulling that off – but, very few. Wait, there might be just one guy pulling that off that I know of. It’s a tough road because not many people care what you’re doing. Have a controversial opinion, or cover controversial topics – and you could maybe get a following of 1,000 people a day to come and see what you have to say. Not recommended, just because maybe 1/500 people can pull this off.

I’m definitely not one of them.

This blog has a decent number of pageviews per day – over 1,000 – but, it’s not enough to really mean anything. If you’re going to create a Thailand blog that you want to support you – shoot for big numbers – a couple of thousand pageviews per day. If you’re using Adsense to monetize your site you might make enough to quit your job as a teacher and just blog for a living.

Any other ideas for Thailand blog topics that might work?



Uni girls?

Speeding Up Thai Pulse

Over the past 10 years I’ve used mostly shared hosting for my websites. It’s cheap, easy to configure, and virtually crash proof. I’ve used Godaddy for my hosting for all these years. and my Thailand blog – have become rather large sites – a couple of thousand pages, with over 20 million page views over these few years.

I don’t know if it’s that, or the large databases that are being created from the 2 WordPress installations on the site – but the site slowed down to a crawl about 2 years ago. I did everything I could at Godaddy to increase the speed of the site -but I’ve never got it to download faster than about 6 seconds. Seconds per Kilobyte speeds were between .1 and .2 usually. That’s slooooooow. They say most US internet surfers will click away if a site takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Short attention span, right? Well, since for 2+ years hasn’t loaded faster than 6 seconds and was usually about 8-9, but often higher. I must have been losing a lot of people. I had a high bounce rate… and well, etc., etc. I’m boring even me with the details.

I switched to another host – a virtual server for my other sites – they were, for the most part – easier to migrate over because they were all smaller. TP was a bear though. I tried last April and failed over the course of a few days. I enlisted the help of the new host – and they weren’t able to do it quickly either. Rather than have the site remain down – I switched back to Godaddy and suffered another year.

Yesterday, after another 2 days of downloading and uploading the content and databases, matching databases and stuff – I finally got it to work! I’m pretty psyched about it. Download speeds for the site are not slower than 2 seconds, and sometimes much faster. I’ve seen .01 and .02 seconds per KB – which is a 10 to 20 times improvement over some of my other times.

Anyway – feels good. If you’re on a slow server like Godaddy – you really should migrate your stuff to a decent host.

ThaiPulse Blog Theme Change

Just changed this theme again – did you notice? While the last one did what I wanted for the most part, this new theme has a lot of things built in. I’ll be adding links to some videos I have at the Thailand Travel Channel at YouTube – probably some new videos to change the scenery.

I’m considering changing – but, it’s not something I work on often -and it’s probably OK the way it is. All my new material about Thailand comes here to the blog.

Not sure about the dark blue clouds background image – think it should change?

I hope it doesn’t result in me getting less traffic from the big G, but, if it does – that’s cool. I’m pretty much focused on video more than blog posts.

Thailand Bloggers – Heads Up

Very few Thailand bloggers operating in Thailand share anything about their traffic and pageviews.

Here are some stats to help Thailand expat bloggers figure out what to do online… because blogging for dollars probably isn’t it.

I’ve got about 12 sites that are pulling any kind of traffic, total that’s about 51,000 unique visitors per month. That’s not even a million per year. Let’s say 600,000 uniques per year. Average page views is between 1.5 and 3. Let’s say, 2.

So, from websites I get about 1.2 million pageviews per year.

It sounds good until you consider a couple of things.

I have 600 posts at here. 2,500+ pages at main. 240 something posts at has about 300 posts.

The other sites all together have maybe another 450 pages.

That’s about 4,000 posts or pages written. That’s a lot of work. Most of it was fun, some of it just seemed like work.

Now, lets have a look at YouTube videos.

I’ve made 175+ videos about the most ridiculous things – lizards, snakes, bugs, eating bugs, animals with genetic disorders I found in Thailand, life in Thailand type videos. Right now as a group they’re doing like 12,000 views per day. That’s 360,000 per month.

That’s 4.3 Million views per year from YouTube videos versus 600,000 pageviews per month from websites.

Bells are dinging from Udonthani to Helsinki.

YouTube has so much more power for anyone that wants to do something online. Sure it’s difficult to come up with an idea that kills it – but, you know what? My brother sent me a link to a video about rain – here I’ll go find it. It has over 2 million views. WTF? Rain.

Rain Video at YouTube with 2M plus views ->

YouTube is by far the WAY better path to online success than websites at the present moment.

Oh, I did forget to mention something…

I’ve been working on this batch of websites since 2006.

I’ve been doing the YouTube videos sporadically since somewhere around then too – but, with YouTube you need not wait for Google to like your site because you built up trust with links. You need not build up authority.

When PageRank used to mean something I was floored that the YouTube channel I have – has a PageRank 5 versus my blog and some other sites that are at PR 4. AimforAwesome fluctuates between 4 and 5.

So, Google (YouTube) trusts themselves quite a lot and already links off my profile page at Youtube mean something.

My YouTube Profile page – Thailand Travel Channel ->

If you’re an expat in Thailand and considering starting a blog because you think – ah, in 2-3 years I’ll have enough money to stop teaching… it likely won’t happen. It could happen. Probably, it won’t happen.

Instead, consider focusing on video – and creating a channel that many people find funny. There are some real loser shows on YouTube that are doing a couple hundred thousand views per DAY. That’s enough to live on when they run ads on them through the YouTube partner program. Give it a shot if you like video…


Welcome Thailand Bloggers – Quit Ripping Off My Shi*

I’ve only been blogging now about 3 years. I’ve learned everything I could during that time but there’s still a lot to learn…

What  I do know is that 98% of all bloggers out there that are trying to make something of themselves online are taking the easy route and just copying others’ work. It’s RIFE, and not only just here in Thailand – it stretches far across the board.

I could spend an hour or so today and find a list of 30 posts by different bloggers that either copied directly from this ThaiPulse blog or were inspired by articles or ebooks I wrote.

How do I know? It’s so blatantly obvious that it turns my stomach. Titles are nearly the SAME on their posts… that’s the chief way I even find them. If you’re going to copy an entire idea – at least change the title.

I stopped writing a lot of content months back. A year? It just got worse than ridiculous… criminal even, and I had too much going on to fight it.

Did I alert Google that my posts were being copied word for word, and at times outranking me in the Google index?

Yep. Did some of you suffer for it? Yep, I watched the rank fall.

Am I keeping a list?


If you’re copying my posts and I find them the first thing I do is alert Google. Google looks at the publishing date of my post, compares it to yours and you lose with a Google penalty.

If you’re going to write – can you find your own subjects for god’s sakes? If you have nothing you’re passionate about sharing with world – what the hell are you writing for? Go back to sitting on the bar stool or teaching.

If you’re not giving credit back to me or whomever you’re ripping off – what kind of person are you?

Just start an aggregation site where you pull RSS feeds off people that are trying their ass off to do something – something original. Something that will help others…

Just pull a paragraph or two from the top blogs in Thailand and make everyone think it’s yours since you can’t think of anything to write yourself – and you can’t put the time into brainstorm something.

Now, to be fair – many bloggers that start out only have 4 fingers free to start with and aren’t interested in finding out acceptable use policies for grabbing others content.  Some aren’t smart enough to do so… to those – forgiveness… change the thumb up your ass though, that right one is getting wrinkly.

Other bloggers realize there is something they’re doing wrong – and don’t give two shakes.

To you, a size 12 foot up your arse for ripping other people off.

There are a small handful of bloggers in Thailand that are trying on their own and consistently put out nothing but original content. I could name them but then the rest of you would feel like I’m associating you with the idiots. It’s very easy to identify an original blogger because you haven’t read it here or on another popular blog already.

Cheers to those of you that write original posts, with original ideas, and aren’t taking the easy way out and ripping off people that just wrote something good.

Cheers to you and Beerlao all around…

:) This rant was moderated by an all-pervasive and overwhelming bliss of having a baby recently.

Hope it doesn’t wear off anytime soon.

Making Money with Your Thailand Website…

7/7/11 Note – we no longer use Clickbank for anything.

Many of you reading this have a website, a blog – that is focused on some aspect of Thailand. Chances are you’re not making a lot of money from it.

I have some websites focused on Thailand and I’ve used the Google Adsense ads to make some money like everyone else because they’re easy to setup and provide something over time. It’s not much – and it’s definitely not enough. joys-thai-food-ebook

One of the next steps you can do to make money in Thailand is to become an affiliate for someone that has a product you can sell on your site – and make yourself a commission off all sales.

You’d want this service to provide you with statistics for what sales are actually occurring from the ads on your Thailand focused site – and you can have that at is a huge affiliate program. You can choose from many ads in all different niches – but as of yet there are only a few focused on Thailand.

Can you say opportunity?

There is opportunity on both sides… you can create a product to sell on Clickbank , an ebook or other digital or non-digital product, and become a seller for $50 which is a one-time fee they charge to allow you to sell products through their affiliate members.

That’s what we did recently with “Joy’s Thai Food EBook” and 5 free bonuses. So, we created this 101 page ebook in PDF format. Anyone that has a website anywhere in the world that signs up as a publisher to show ads about our ebook on their site – can do so – and make 40% of the commission from the sale of each of Joy’s Thai Food Ebooks.

If you sign up as a publisher – it’s totally free. You can choose from many advertisements to run on your site – Including Joy’s Thai Food Ebook.

While on Clickbank you can search on “Thai” or “Thailand” and her ebook will pop up as an option you can sell on your site. (see search page here>)

This is an excellent way to begin a home online business in Thailand and make some money as an alternative to teaching.

  • You don’t need to process any money yourself.
  • You don’t need a PayPal, or any other account.
  • You don’t need to give Clickbank access to your bank account or anything else.

Clickbank will send you a check when you’ve sold the minimum amount to meet their threshold (about $100).

You may have noticed I have Martin’s “Your Thai Girl” ebook at this site and the main site. Martin is also on Clickbank as a seller of his eproducts. You can sign up there to put Martin’s ads on your site as well.

Selling items from Clickbank as an affiliate is a good alternative to Google’s Adsense program.

If you sell one of Joy’s Ebooks which are $39.95 you’ll get 40% of that… close to $16 usd. With Google Adsense you’re probably not making that in a month. You’re probably also diluting the value of your blog or website by running Google adsense ads because the ads can be for anything – even from your competitors if you don’t properly block them.

If you want to make money in Thailand and have a website, consider selling Joy’s Ebook on your website

1. Just visit and sign up: Clickbank Affiliate program. You’ll get a Clickbank NickName you need to create links on your site to sell Joy’s Thai Food ebooks. Remember your Clickbank NickName…

2. Click this link to go to Click bank and “build your link”. (Note 7/7/11 – We axed this program – no longer using Clickbank)

3. Once you have the link code – just use that for all links you have about Joy’s ebooks and Clickbank will track the sales and give your affiliate account credit for all sales – you get 40% of the cost of the ebook. You don’t have to worry about the bonuses or sending the ebooks – we send them out.

4. Customers that click your link to buy Joy’s Ebook go to a special page to order. If you put your cursor over the ORDER PAGE link on that page you’ll see the link goes to Clickbank which tracks all your successful orders. You can check your stats anytime by logging in at your Clickbank account.

Easy enough?

More information about making money in Thailand by starting a business online… is where I post most of my online business related articles and videos if you’re interested in what can be done online. If you want to read more about home business opportunities like selling ebooks or other ideas you can also visit Randy Duermyer’s Home Business Site at where he has some excellent business resource pages.

Quick Stats Update…

stats2Youtube ThaiPulse Travel Channel video views: 830,000 +

ThaiPulse pageviews (total): 1.8 million +

Aim for Awesome pageviews: 300,000+

Downloads of Joy’s Thai Food Recipe E-Books: 43,000+

Joy’s Thai Food Youtube Channel Video views: 308,000+

Movies viewed onsite at ThaiPulse: 116,000+

Posts at ThaiPulse: 464 (with this one)

Posts at Joy’s Thai Food: 247

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