When Is It Time to Leave Thailand? Yesterday…

I’ve been here 8 years now. Little things are starting to drive me postal.

You know how they say when you marry someone that it’s the little shit that will get you in the end? Yeah, it’s just exactly that… but I’m not talking about my lovely wife – I can deal with all our differences, and still love her to death. I cannot give other Thais the break though. I cannot accept after 8 years that people are being so continuously disrespectful to me and to others. I see it daily. It’s wrecking my mood every time I get in a car to go out. It’s wrecking my mood every time I go to the post office and some assmonkey jumps in front of me. It is wrecking my mood to think that my daughter is going to grow up in one of the most ugly places – socially – on the planet.

I’m uploading a 10 minute video that I’m sure I’ll not make public, but I just needed to get off my chest today. Thais can’t drive for fuck, and I’m probably living in the worst area of the country for this… in Bangkok – people drive better than here. More respectful. Less dangerously.

I saw a motorbike get squeezed between a parked car and some ass in a car that just wasn’t paying attention. Saw the woman get thrown WAY over her handlebars and into the street where she was promptly run over by the same fucking car. I saw this in my side mirror. I passed the woman myself first – she wasn’t driving crazily on the motorbike, slow and carefully. I thought – fuck me – that could have been my wife, who is VERY careful when driving. It’s the idiot drivers that have never had a car in their lives, their parents never had one, and they think they’re driving a tractor around the pineapple plantation or something. I don’t know what excuse there could possibly be for the atrocious level of driving here in this city. It’s beyond all conjecture. I can’t even come up with any reason that would make sense. Maybe one of you know?

When I first arrived in Thailand’s northeast, I had the misfortune to meet a 60 year old American expat that I am 99% sure was molesting kids. Before I’d come to that conclusion we had a lunch together and he told me that within 7 years, I’d be nearly or as jaded as he was about living in Thailand. I said, nah, I can see it for all that it is. I have a masters in psychology – that counts for something, I thought. So did he though, a fact I repressed at the time.

So, it has taken me 8 years. I wish he wasn’t right, but it has definitely happened for me. It’s time for a change. A big change. It is time to get the fuck out of Dodge, or, change the entire country. Which might be easier? I ask myself daily.

I don’t want to be one of those expats that hangs on for a couple years, bitching about life in Thailand – and continuing to live here. When I first arrived I avoided those expats like they had the HIV. I could definitely see me getting very outspoken about the way Thailand functions in the next couple of months, or even up to a year if we stay that long. I could definitely see me putting out heaps of videos about the negative things going on in the country that will eventually turn your stomach too if you live here for long.

I could definitely see me writing a joke book about the country, oh wait, I already did. I could see me finally publishing it after sitting on it for 6 years.

I could see me being turned away at the border for having thoroughly torqued off everyone who is anyone in the country.

I could see all that happening, or nothing at all as I just try to stay under the wire and get the hell out cleanly without burning any bridges.

Not sure which it will be…

Anybody loving Thailand with all your heart? Maybe we need some point-counterpoint type response?

Nobody – huh?

OK, then chime in and lets beat this to death… either way, I’m OK with it…


Fighter Book and Thailand Centipede Video – VLOG 1

This is Thailand video blog (VLOG) 1. I don’t know how long this will continue, but, I want to see about doing a video every day about something in Thailand. Some videos will be good. Some will suck. If you don’t like me – they’ll all suck, so go somewhere else. If there’s nothing I feel like saying on a particular day – or week, I’ll not do a vlog. I think where people go wrong with vlogs and podcasts is that – if there’s nothing going on – DON’T shoot a video about it. Nobody cares.

VLOG 1 is about a book I think you’ll like and a beast you wouldn’t want to get anywhere near you without your knowledge. I caught a giant centipede last night and stuffed him in a snake bag. I’ll shoot some video of it today, let it go somewhere far from civilization, and post the video here tomorrow. We caught a small tarantula, some frogs, saw a beautiful leopard gecko type thing, none of which I bothered to shoot video of – it was night time and I’ve seen all that stuff before. I’ll try to find interesting things to show you, not bore you.

There’s always something going on in Thailand. I might comment about news, I might show you a snake I caught, I might tell you a good place to vacation in Thailand that you haven’t thought about, or mention a blog I just turned on to. There will be tech tips – like using your iphone as a modem for your computer, and other tech topics.

Here’s VLOG 1:

Very Little Worth Signing Up For – But, This IS

There are few things I’d recommend you sign up for online – free or paid, but, this is one. I make no $ off this, just a recommendation that, if you are into reading about events of the world – you read these free reports that come out every so often.

Sign up on the right hand side where it says enter email for free intelligence reports.

Try it out for a month and see if it fits you or not… there are many different areas of the world they write about – so – give it a month to get a rounded look at things.

STRATFOR Intelligence Reports

They talk about terrorism, wars, political maneuvering, all sorts of stuff related to the world and how it is – why it is the way it is, and where it might be going. It’s pretty unbiased and I find reading it interesting most times.


Calling Thailand Expat Entrepreneurs – A Meeting

I’d like to find the entrepreneurs in Thailand that are doing something. There are tons of people not doing any sort of business in Thailand, but what I’m looking for are those that have something up and running – something big, something small – no matter.

I’d like to get better networked with more people.

I have a small group of people that I stay in touch with about business ideas, and to whom I can count on for help and to give help to. I want to expand that group.

What I’m thinking about is a meeting in June maybe.

Call it a conference, call it a meeting. It can be a series of meetings where we all get together and share information – and ask questions of each other – and network. Networking – to me – means, get to know someone that might become a friend or partner in business at some point.

I have so many ideas for online businesses that would work in Thailand – and maybe you have some too. Maybe you just need help starting or developing your new business. Whatever it is – we “business-minded” folks should get together and see if anything good results.

If you’re interested in this meeting and have a vote for where it should be held – let me know at: ThaiPulse@gmail.com.

To be clear… this would be a meeting for any foreigners living in Thailand that are interested in developing an online business, or that currently has an online business.

Anybody interested in this?

Email me – ThaiPulse@gmail.com.


Passive-Aggressive Ball-less Anonymous Expats with Axes to Grind – But Who Knows Why?

Language not appropriate for kids, or those that are easily offended…

Amazon allows idiots at their site to give anonymous reviews of books they may not have even read. It’s all anonymous that is, until you file a court action against them.

There are fruitloops writing anonymous, scathing reviews of books they never read – and authors are helpless to do anything about them until you file a court action.

J R Dickson (JD) aka, Mathmos69, the user at Amazon writing shit reviews of my books will understand soon what it means to defame someone on a website as I’ll file this document with Amazon and watch the shit roll downhill.

Here are two reviews of “Thai Black Book” by this anonymous fucknut that doesn’t have the courage to face me in person about whatever he’s fucked off about. So he writes bad comments about my book he obviously never read.

This lame, schoolgirl stabyouintheback behavior is better known in psych circles as passive-aggressive behavior. This I learned a lot about in psychology graduate school. There are all sorts of fuckwits – that resort to doing what they can to payback perceived slights – that nobody else would have given a second thought to.

So here is a review of the book posted by MathMos69 on the English Amazon Kindle site:

Here is the same fuckmonkey – using another user name on the Amazon Kindle UK board – to review the same book. Contradicts himself – but it doesn’t matter because he’s anonymous – as Kindle has deemed appropriate. Oddly familiar review right?

Now, do you LIVE in Thailand, or you VISIT A LOT – which is it jackass?

Dumbass… You can write me email at Thaipulse@gmail.com or leave a comment here to let me know what you really have a stick up your ass about.

If you insist – we can meet, but I can’t help thinking I’d hit you with a fucking bat.

Up to you, as we say here in the Land of Smiles…

I have a pretty good idea who you are after some online sleuthing. If you are who I think, I reiterate that if I see you – I can predict the outcome will be me cracking you in the fucking head with a bat, or whatever is handy at the time.

In the meantime I’ll start filling out this notification to Amazon about defamatory content as a result of your comments. They have your purchasing information – so, they know who you are… and that my misguided foe, is a very good thing for me!


Many Americans Giving Up Citizenship – With a Smile

America is the only country that taxes it’s citizens that live overseas. How’s that for a reason to give them up after you retire abroad?

Here’s a great article by Time Magazine about it.

Do you know anyone that gave up their American citizenship to live in Thailand?

Does Thailand allow that, and turn you into a resident if you jump through some hoops?

Spencer at DharmaThai.com: Flickr is for YOUR Images, Not Mine

I guess Spencer from DharmaThai.com reads this blog, he took a photo from it and called it his own in his “Thailand Snakes” set on Flickr.

You know, I’m an easy-going guy usually. This take first, ask permission later shit doesn’t fly with me all that well though.

Spencer, if you read this… you really shouldn’t claim my photo as your own… when you upload a photo to Flickr it asks if you own the photo. You don’t. You provided no attribution for my photo either.

Get with the program skippy, your Dharma is one thing, but your karma is going to come back and nip you in the ass.

If you need a reminder where you got the image, it was either here: My original cave snake post > or here: Thailand Snakes site, Ridley Racer >

He puts his http://siamfoundation.org/snakes-thailand/ site as the credit for my photo on my Flickr image… which back at that site references the Flickr set “Thailand Snakes”. Nice, huh?

Here’s what I found:

Content theft.

So, not sure what happened but I saw no contact page – with email on Flickr, DharmaThai, or SiamFoundation.  So maybe he’ll see it here and do the right thing.

Flickr provides a place to report people that post images as their own – when they’re not but I’m not interested in prosecuting people for dumb things they do. It’d be nice if he either removed the photo or provide attribution in the way of a title on the image, “ThaiPulse.com/blog”.

I Think Kim is an Idiot…

Here’s a girl advertising for a baby sitter for her 6 year old for nights at a resort when apparently the adults won’t be there. What they’ll be doing is anyone’s guess – whether it’s getting stupid-drunk on Chang Beer and watching ladyboys dance on the tables, or whether she has a conference to attend – no matter, it’s a bad move.


We are visiting Phuket from the 3rd-13th May this year. We require occassional carer for our 6year old daughter. Must be willing to work at our resort. Mostly evenings. Must be able to swim. Pay by hour negotiable.

Who in their right mind would visit Patong Beach with their 6 year old child and not stay with the child at all times? Who would do this?

Kim Draper, and her husband or whomever she’s referring to in the “we” she uses.

Is this how parents find babysitters to entrust the most important people in their lives to? Am I making any sense to anyone or is this the normal state of mankind where the kids are an afterthought that need to be watched by strangers while traveling to other countries?

Kim, if you take a child to another country you can’t – if you have any common sense in your head – leave him/her with a stranger you’ve not met and known for a good long time.

And you want someone that can swim? You’re going to entrust your kid to be in the pool with a stranger? Do you have any idea how easy it is to drown in a pool?

Welcome to Thailand Kim, you’ll fit right in here… we get all kinds.

Welcome Thailand Bloggers – Quit Ripping Off My Shi*

I’ve only been blogging now about 3 years. I’ve learned everything I could during that time but there’s still a lot to learn…

What  I do know is that 98% of all bloggers out there that are trying to make something of themselves online are taking the easy route and just copying others’ work. It’s RIFE, and not only just here in Thailand – it stretches far across the board.

I could spend an hour or so today and find a list of 30 posts by different bloggers that either copied directly from this ThaiPulse blog or were inspired by articles or ebooks I wrote.

How do I know? It’s so blatantly obvious that it turns my stomach. Titles are nearly the SAME on their posts… that’s the chief way I even find them. If you’re going to copy an entire idea – at least change the title.

I stopped writing a lot of content months back. A year? It just got worse than ridiculous… criminal even, and I had too much going on to fight it.

Did I alert Google that my posts were being copied word for word, and at times outranking me in the Google index?

Yep. Did some of you suffer for it? Yep, I watched the rank fall.

Am I keeping a list?


If you’re copying my posts and I find them the first thing I do is alert Google. Google looks at the publishing date of my post, compares it to yours and you lose with a Google penalty.

If you’re going to write – can you find your own subjects for god’s sakes? If you have nothing you’re passionate about sharing with world – what the hell are you writing for? Go back to sitting on the bar stool or teaching.

If you’re not giving credit back to me or whomever you’re ripping off – what kind of person are you?

Just start an aggregation site where you pull RSS feeds off people that are trying their ass off to do something – something original. Something that will help others…

Just pull a paragraph or two from the top blogs in Thailand and make everyone think it’s yours since you can’t think of anything to write yourself – and you can’t put the time into brainstorm something.

Now, to be fair – many bloggers that start out only have 4 fingers free to start with and aren’t interested in finding out acceptable use policies for grabbing others content.  Some aren’t smart enough to do so… to those – forgiveness… change the thumb up your ass though, that right one is getting wrinkly.

Other bloggers realize there is something they’re doing wrong – and don’t give two shakes.

To you, a size 12 foot up your arse for ripping other people off.

There are a small handful of bloggers in Thailand that are trying on their own and consistently put out nothing but original content. I could name them but then the rest of you would feel like I’m associating you with the idiots. It’s very easy to identify an original blogger because you haven’t read it here or on another popular blog already.

Cheers to those of you that write original posts, with original ideas, and aren’t taking the easy way out and ripping off people that just wrote something good.

Cheers to you and Beerlao all around…

:) This rant was moderated by an all-pervasive and overwhelming bliss of having a baby recently.

Hope it doesn’t wear off anytime soon.