Thailand’s Hash House Harriers (HHH)


Here are some Hash House Harrier groups I could find online in Thailand. What got me started on this post is that I was floored to learn of an Ubon Hash House Harrier group that started 8/2008.

Ubon? I lived in Ubon for over a year and I gotta tell you… I didn’t know even one person that could run the short-trail, not to mention the long. Maybe times have changed there.

I ran in the Aloha Hash House Harriers for a bunch of runs. Apparently they were considering my name – based on an especially appealing dress I wore during the red dress run one time, but, thankfully I didn’t get one before I moved.

Hash House Harrier runs / groups are not right for everyone. When I heard the explanation of what it was – I wasn’t interested. However, when I went to my first run – I was hooked. It’s a good time – a great time really. Try it – even if you think it will suck – you’ll have a lot of fun. You can’t help but have a good time.

Here’s an old article I just found at ThaiPulse that I wrote about the Ko Samui HHH, I wrote a long description about what the group is and what they’re about…

Hash House Harriers

Here are some Thailand Hash House Harrier groups…

Bangkok Hashers

Cha-Am H3

Chiang Mai Underground Male Hash House Harriers

Chiang Mai Bunny Hash House Harriettes

Chiang Mai Happy Hash House Harriers

Chiang Mai Hash House Harriers

Chiang Mai Saturday Hash House Harriers

Chiang Rai H3

Hua Hin H3

Korat Hash House Harriers

Ko Samui H3

Pattaya Jungle H3

Pattaya Hash House Harriers

Phuket Hashers

Ubon Hash House Harriers -Here is another in-depth article about Ubon hashing written by an expat from a 1st person perspective…

Ubon is one of my favorite places in the world – why? The people. If you want to go by and experience the very best in Thailand’s people then stop by Darwin’s Ubon Ratchathani Hotel website and see what he has on offer. Ubon’s people are generous and sweet to a fault. Treat yourself to the real Thailand.

Photo credit: Ko Samui Hash House Harriers.