American Tourist Murdered Outside Bar in Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand

Not what I wanted to read yesterday, the headline was shocking. I only know a couple of Americans in Krabi, but there was a chance I knew this one.

Bobby Carter, 51, was stabbed with either a metal rod, or a knife, depending on what news story you read. His son Adam, 27, was also stabbed and is recovering at Bangkok Hospital in Phuket, Thailand.

I won’t cover the details of the incident, because really, who in the hell knows what happened? It isn’t like we’re going to get an unbiased story from anyone. I do want to comment a bit about whether Thailand i a dangerous place or not. That’s the big question tourists have on their minds as they’re considering a visit.

Here are some things to chew on:

1. Getting drunk in a bar in Thailand greatly increases your chances of getting fucked, or fucked over.
2. Getting drunk in a bar with your friends is not as dangerous as getting drunk in a bar with Thai strangers, still, you’re much more likely to get into an altercation with someone because you or someone in your group is acting the ass.
3. If you’re a female, or a male, do not walk alone or with your partner on a beach at night unless there are large numbers of people around. Do not ever walk on an empty beach at night.
4. Driving a motorbike, car, in a tuk-tuk, in a songthaew, taxi, or on a boat is dangerous. At night it can be very dangerous. Women, alone or in a group, should take great care to ensure that the night out won’t end with a ride back to the hotel from a stranger, or a walk on near desolate streets.

In nine years of full-time living in the land of smiles I’ve never been knifed. I’ve not had a gun pulled on me, or seen someone experience it. I have seen a couple of people sliced wide open with broken bottles, both of them dying in the street. I have seen foreigners and Thais kicked in the head by a group of Thais until they are unconscious. I’ve then seen, in one instance, two guys take turns bouncing large beer bottles off the face of the unconscious victim.

Thais + Alcohol + Foreigners = Possible trouble. Remove any of the factors in the equation and it can be innocuous enough. Do keep in mind that Thailand is not only dangerous because of degenerate Thais, but, there are thousands upon thousands of idiots from all over the globe that come here to cause trouble. Foreigners are every bit as dangerous as Thais.

So, the recent incident of the tourist father and son that were stabbed is something that plays out in every country. It is not unique to Thailand. I’d go so far as to say that with the number of visitors to this country that lose self-control with alcohol involved or not, there are far less murders than there could be. Most Thais have remarkable self-restraint.

You should take some time to learn about the concept of “Thai face” from some of the expats that have spent a dozen years or so here. Google it.

Here is a video I did on the subject, Is Thailand Safe? If you have any comments on it – leave them there on the video. I read them all. Cheers.

American Dead in Pattaya, here’s a Photo of his Passport with Number

Don’t flame me over this –

Thai Newspaper posts American’s Passport with identifying information (Pattaya City News):

Dead American’s Passport (scroll down)

They posted his photo and the entire story, as well as his passport with the number!

Is that crazy?

Do you think as a blogger one could get kicked out of Thailand for posting the national ID card of a Thai citizen complete with the information?

I would think.

Pattaya City News has some great stories – they are RIGHT THERE for the action and their photos are just brilliant at times, and bewildering why they chose certain photos other times.

Their stories always suck, and the way they tell it is not smooth or professional. Most stories are ‘tabloid’ at best and scandalous at worst

… always there are gaps in the story and it’s left to the reader to fill them in – if she/he cared to.

Koh Samui Murder, Australian Man’s Son with Thai Wife (early this morning)

Here's a really sick story out of Thairath newspaper.

A boy 5, years old was slammed against a marble table, cut across the throat with a knife, and then had his heart pierced through with the knife and is now dead.

This happened at the house of the parents, an Australian man and his Thai wife, 30 years old, who is a nurse.

The Thai woman had her throat cut and is in serious condition at the hospital.

No property was taken.  It is suspected that it was the Thai boyfriend of this woman, prior to her meeting the Australian man and having a baby with her.


Man, that sucks.