Thailand Tarantula Spider Video: Haplopelma Minax

Brown Thailand Tarantula Spider - Haplopema Minax
Brown Thailand Tarantula. Haplopelma minax. This is a life size image.

I found Haplopelma minax (I’m guessing) – a Thailand tarantula spider. Many places online called this a very aggressive spider. It did attack the twig I was prodding him with – but, then that’s more defensive than anything.

Hmm, glad I read this…

Many in the hobby get bit by H. minax by under-estimating their speed and their habit of sitting still and then springing to life and running up an arm to bite multiple times. This is not a species for beginners!

Below is this tarantula video I put at YouTube.

You know how few of these spiders I’ve seen in Thailand? Very few. The most I ever saw was in Chong Mek on the Thai side – big bowls of them, already fried in oil. I never thought to eat one then, but now I have to admit I am curious about the taste. Some people in Isaan told me that the big hairy tarantula spiders were dee-licious after frying. Is that possible?

Spiders are scary and unpredictable. Scarier to eat than cockroaches, waterbugs, silkworms, bamboo worms – any of that stuff I ate for the Gross Grub YouTube series videos.

Here’s a short video of the smaller (3″) tarantula I found at the house. I have it in my tank now and will try to feed it tomorrow morning. Hope to get it on film. Maybe try a small gecko? Apparently the adults eat birds, mice, crickets, and cockroaches. I don’t see myself running around with a net to try to catch a bird to feed this one anytime soon. Roaches I’ll have a good time catching.

Here is the classification:

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Subphylum: Arachnomorpha
Class: Arachnida
Subclass: Micrura
Order: Araneae
Suborder: Opisthothelae
Family: Theraphosidae
Subfamily: Ornithoctoninae
Genus: Haplopelma
Species: H. minax

Nice Spider… A Batik Golden Web Spider


Nephila clavata

On a hike yesterday I almost put my face through this spider’s web that took up the whole path. I was lucky to see it – and, I’ve never done this before but I used a stick to gently break the web so nobody else would end up with this thing on their face. Then I had a (moral) license to play with him so I shot some video. Amazing spider.


Here’s the spider video at ThaiPulse Travel Channel, embedded below:

As you can see, the quality degrades considerably when YouTube changes it.

For higher quality video – right click this link: (sorry, didn’t upload correctly – will upload a good one at the internet cafe later today) Spider video and follow instructions below…

If you’re using FireFox browser choose “Save target as…” and save it to your hard drive to watch after it downloads fully. If you’re using Internet Explorer or some other browser the “Save target as…” link will be called something else. Save file as… Save link as…

Thailand has BIG Wildlife… Jurassic Spider on my Porch

Big, hairy brown spider in ThailandIn keeping with the wildlife theme of late I had to get this video up.

I was going to grab some things off the clothes line (I’m so domestic), when I saw this thing hiding under a ridge from the rain.

It’s easily the largest spider I’ve seen in Thailand, and I think I’ve seen a fair number. Here’s a photo and video of it.

Has anyone seen one bigger than this in Thailand? I’m a real nut for spiders and snakes, centipedes and millipedes and things… If you have any photos or videos send me them and I’ll get them up on my site.

Click the photo on the right to see it BIG-SIZE.

Download the video below:

Big, hairy, brown Thailand spider video >
(7.9Mb, wmv)

Thailand Snakes FAQ >