Thailand Video of the Week – Cadel Evans Slaps Reporter

This is pretty good stuff, and once again this weeks Thailand video has little, ok – nothing at all, to do with Thailand.

Cadel Evans won the Tour de France this year, if you didn’t know. He’s an Aussie and seemed really likable in all the videos I’ve seen. He must have a thing about people, or maybe just reporters touching him. Watch the whole thing, the first push away is NOT the one I’m talking about… he really gets pissed.

I remember being a paparazzi in New York City for a few years, and I had people say things verbally – but nobody ever got physical about it. I did try to be less the ass than most – and still get the photos.

Thailand Video of the Week –

I almost forgot this – I’m sure I will by next week, as it hasn’t been a regular feature here for long.

Here is my pick for Thailand video of the week. It isn’t my video – it’s a few MMA fighters that are sucking down snake blood. Do I agree with it? Hell no. I have this idea that snakes feel pain like everything else in the world… how someone could slice the skin of it and have no qualms – I don’t know. Worse yet, how can someone cut the still beating heart out of a cobra – and let assmonkeys eat it? – (another video I saw)

When the guy handed the monocled cobra over to the fighter – to hold… with no experience… I cringed. But, such is life in Thailand. Nobody is policing this stuff. Sometimes I think that’s great… other times, not so great.

Anyway, here’s the video…

I Shouldn’t Do This… My YouTube Video Pick of the Week

You must watch this... what else are you going to do to crack you up in the next 5-minutes?

This should be a regular feature here at because about once per week I find a whacky video to share… maybe I’ll remember next week… maybe not. Hell, maybe I’ll put it in the calendar – that’s proactive, right?

I was looking through camera reviews on youtube and saw this suggested in the far right side. The title caught my attention – AZZ Everywhere – shot with a Nikon D7000. I thought – ahhh, what the heck… I’m looking at videos that this camera can shoot – what’s it going to hurt…?

Here’s what I saw. Keep the music muted – it’s real bad, it’s hilarious just watching the video part… girls are upside down bracing themselves against a wall and shaking like having conniptions. It’s all way too funny…