Giant Centipede Eats It

Eating it, then eating it.
Eating it, then eating it.

Flying up the road on the motorbike and saw what I thought was a dead snake. I circled around and came upon this zombie centipede lapping up the blood of some unkown roadkill that must have limped away shortly beforehand. Luckily I had the phone for some video. Centipedes in Thailand have a wicked bite. I’ve seen a lot of them, usually at night and in warm damp places. These things are a good reason to make sure you don’t have space under your doors, or holes in your walls.

Giant Centipede – Thailand VLOG 2

Giant Centipede – Thailand Video Blog 2

Caught this big centipede (Scolopendra subspinipes) while snake hunting. They hurt a lot when they bite. The pain is like a chemical burn. Some people’s appendages swell up for a week after a bite. They are vicious and can eat mice – search youtube for that video. These centipedes are common in Thailand, but I’ve only seen a few this big. We saw another one last night – same size as this one – we were in the middle of the jungle though.

Centipedes love heat and dampness. They love being in your house too. Don’t let them grab on – they will bite immediately without provocation.

Here’s me with a different centipede that had it’s venomous pinchers removed. No I don’t condone it, it was done before I saw the centipede. These things skeeve me all out – and even though it couldn’t hurt me I still had a real bad feeling the entire time this thing was on me. Oh, thought I had video of me with it – there is a photo at the end of this video…

Thailand Video of the Week – Scorpion Handling

I’ve not seen anyone else this comfortable handling a scorpion. This guy has no fear of it. I was tempted a couple of times to pick it up by the stinger, as both of the guys in the video did – but, I had a bad experience eating a scorpion, and I’m still not sure that if one bit me I wouldn’t die from lack of breath because of it.

I ate one I bought at a market in Sisaket (video is below). After that I went running. I started sweating profusely – way too early in the run. My legs were sweating like water was running out of them. I was also salivating like a sick dog. I was spitting every couple seconds. Then my breathing started to get bad… then real bad. I started walking – I had another 1km to walk just to get out of the park and to my motorbike. I made it back to the apartment we were staying in and tried to tell my wife to get me to the hospital. My face was all swollen up and she could see I was obviously on death’s door. My breathing was down to about 10% of normal at that time – and I just couldn’t force more air into my chest. A scary time…

Anyway – at the hospital – Sisaket public hospital, they were a bit too slow in deciding what to do when I screamed –

“I can’t fucking breathe – give me something to help.”

That got them in gear and after a breather thing and some anti-histamines in an IV I was rather OK and the symptoms slowly went away and I could breathe again.

Funny thing about not being able to breathe – losing face goes right out the fucking window…

Here’s the video of me eating the scorpion:

Here’s my dumbass in the hospital. Sorry, the video is taken with like a 1.2MP Nokia phone. I was completely out of it and didn’t really make sense.

Here’s the guy handling the scorpion like it’s a toy…

Nicest Thailand Video I’ve Ever Seen

Daniel Azulai sent me this video to ask if I’d consider putting it here on the site. After viewing it – it would be a pleasure to do so. This is, without a doubt – the best video I’ve ever seen of Thailand. It’s an overview, shot in many different places (Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Krabi, Phi Phi, Phuket and Ko-Yao).

Besides giving such a nice overview of what Thailand is all about, what I really love about it – is the color and the sharpness, the technical aspects. It is also a good piece of music and the editing was done nicely. All around, an A+ grade Thailand video. Thanks Daniel!


Click HERE to see it in larger size – a better viewing experience.


daniel martins bittencourt (azulai)

Video of the Week – Wow

This is a pretty wild tale… think it’s true?

Oh, and don’t miss part 2…

Update: I had these live for about 5 minutes, then reconsidered. It’s a guy telling his story of shooting adult content and being take advantage of multiple times in Pattaya.

Instead of giving it to you on a plate… here’s how you can find it. Search for this phrase in Google:

nude thai models brad’s story

the site that pops up first should be the one.

Ooops, it isn’t. It’s the 2nd one because since I posted this -I’m the first one.

On that site on the left sidebar is Brad’s story – part 1 video and just below the video is a link that says “Next” to view part 2 of the video which is the best part you don’t want to miss.

I don’t know whether Brad’s story is true – or isn’t, but, it’s interesting.

I Love Thailand – But…

This is a video I did for one of my other sites, and I don’t think I shared it here… I try to keep the negative stuff off this blog since I have probably come dangerously close to getting thrown out of the country on a couple of occasions over the years with what I’ve said.

Every time I go renew my visa I’m amazed that someone doesn’t say – Uhm, sorry, no, you’re finished now… pick another country to fuck over because we’ve, quite frankly, had enough of your rants and foolish shit. Try Cambodia – they’re cool with imbeciles residing there long-term.

Here’s a video about getting directions in Thailand – or really, about trying to find something that everyone should know where it is – except tourists – like me.

Getting Directions in Thailand at YouTube ->

Some things are enough to make you want to move to China or something drastic like that.

I Need Someone in Thailand Into Video

I have a few projects in mind – and I need another person interested in doing some video here in Thailand. None of this will be adult video – so cool your turnip, I’m talking about documentary type video, and also some crazy ideas that could be turned into a pay-website (I’ll create).

If you know what you’re doing with a video camera and you’re tired of teaching or whatever you’re doing in Thailand to support yourself… do let me know. I’ve got a few ideas that will work, but I’ve got 45 things going on. If you make yourself known by zapping me an email, I’ll be more likely to run with these ideas. I do love video projects more than anything else I do. Writing books is meh…

Lets do some kickass video. Thailand is ripe for this…

161 YouTube Videos and Counting

There might be nothing more fun than making videos and putting them on YouTube. I’m up to 262 now and almost 6 million views. Wish I could hit 40 million like some people killing it – but I don’t have the right stuff.

Here’s a link to all 262 videos about living in Thailand from an expat’s point of view – in Thumbnails at YouTube:

262 YouTube Videos >

Any ideas how to ramp it up to make even better videos?

Snakes, Glue Sniffers, Se* Toys, and Blind Snakes

A lot of videos coming up at the ThaiPulse Travel Channel on YouTube.

King Cobras – a guy kissing one on the face and pushing one with his hand (in the face)

Monocled Cobras – striking, hissing

Snake Hunting goes awry… Huge sex toy found, Glue cans, and lost misplaced flip flops.

A Golden Tree Snake climbs my motorbike, hides behind the plastic and goes for a ride.

A Centipede

A Small Lizard Attempting to Eat a Caterpillar he couldn’t possibly eat.

And I think there are some others – can’t remember them all right now.

Thailand Snakes FAQ >

Thailand Videos: Culture, Food, People, Eating Gross Things

I’ve transferred over the video pages from the old site to this new one. ThaiPulse videos can be found here: