If You Have 8 Minutes You Gotta Watch This…

I found this guy’s part 5 of tips for teaching in Japan… and it’s HILARIOUS.

If you have 4-8 minutes, you owe it to yourself to laugh real hard…

Teaching in Japan

Author: Vern

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4 thoughts on “If You Have 8 Minutes You Gotta Watch This…”

  1. Hey Mike, I have two of your ebooks “the ultimate guide to teaching” and “moving to Thialand” both informative. The teaching guide was published in 2009. Is there a new or updated version? Is so one of the 5 freebies that you mentioned would be great.


    1. Hi Jeff,

      I have updated those books only slightly over the past couple years because little has changed. I would say that now it is harder to find a good teaching job that pays enough to live well on. The licensing requirement has gone all but out the window at this time. Thailand’s government doesn’t appear to have English as a top priority for students – and it’s lip service every time they are asked about it. In short, it’s getting worse, not better. Where did you buy the books – which site Jeff?

  2. Hey Vern… I watched that guy on the video… I didn’t think he was that good, but that’s just me… I thought he could have really kicked some sushi butt there, made this video bit really hilarious, but kind of held back for some reason…

    1. Maybe I shouldn’t have said it was funny… then you’re expecting funny like ha-ha funny. No, this was funny because I think he’s more serious than joking around about anything. He really wants to get information out about it. Who is he talking to? High school kids aren’t moving to japan to teach English. Who is the target audience? That’s what I found funny – I loved this video for that reason… am I warped?

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