2007 New Year’s Resolutions – A Mid-Year Review

I thought it’d be interesting to do a mid-year review of my 2007 new years resolutions since I want to keep on track and know how I’m doing. I cannot even remember 5 of them to be honest with you… I’ll list them below and then comment in blue about where I stand today on the resolution.

2007 New Year’s Resolutions:

1. I will blog, blog, blog, blog, blog, blog, blogggggggg!
Yep, I’ve done this one pretty well. I’ve posted over 500 entries in all my different blogs over the past 6 months… Ok, so far – so good.

2. I will ride the Honda at only 60kph in town, 90 on highways. Not “full-bollocks” as usual.
Hmm, not so good on this one. There are times when I’m really relaxed and not worried about anything… getting somewhere seems like half the fun. Sometimes when I really need to think and I have a long drive I might drive at 30-40kph for most of the trip until I’ve thought everything through. I’m getting better – but not successful at this resolution yet. I often find myself doing 80kph on city streets and 110+ on bigger roads. Damn me!

3. I will ask my UK friends to explain ONE MORE TIME why “dog’s bollocks” is a good thing.
Done. They were not able to tell me in English that I understood – so I won’t ask again. It’s a mute point anyway.

4. I will get OUT of teaching full-time at a school because my mindset is NOT made to easily deal with the routine spontaneity that’s required to work with Thais’.
Done. I will no longer work at a Thai school nor for a Thai employer again in my life… At least not this year.

5. I will put maximum effort into getting my lame friend Dave to make the bold step to come here to visit. Nothing will stop me.
I have sincerely tried with hours of chat with this guy. He is one tough cookie to crack. If he did it – he’d thank me forever and gift to me his first child… but, he is NOT doing it anytime soon. Damn you Dave, it’s my resolution!

6. I will put together into ONE all the books I have started about various parts of my degenerate life.
Hmm, yes and no. I put the unfinished books together and there they sit on E:\ Drive.

7. I will gain back 2 kg because were it not for a shaved head, I really would resemble Bruce Lee.
Yes, I think I am there! I no longer have a vein in my lower stomach leading to my crotch. That must mean about 2kg in gainage.

8. I will avoid entertaining thoughts and offers of making an immoral living here.
Yes, absolutely done… and yet STILL paying for my indiscretions of over a year ago.

9. I will start seriously thinking about buying a car, my assbone is growing spurs from long-haul motorbike rides.
The ass-spurs are my friends now as I’ve ridden another 6 months on the motorbike and even taken rides of 450km in one day. I am afraid to own a car since it’s too easy to run over motorbike riders.

10. I will stop telling Thais’ “God told me to” and start explaining myself more.
I don’t think I have told one Thai person this since I wrote this. Success!

11. I will not continue to keep email silence for 3 and 4 weeks at a time with those that love me back home
– just to see how much they plead with me to write them something to show them I’m still alive here.
I’ve been pretty good about this – since my family has been good about writing often before I do – so I feel like I’d better respond so they don’t worry about their 41 year old misfit family member.

12. The year 2007 will be known as the year of the “Vern”. I will become the most well-known expat in
Thailand this year through blogging. I will be more famous than even STICKMAN or DANA or GALT!
Hmm, this one is going to be tough. If I go on stats – I’m beating Galt’s site so more people are seeing my sites everyday. But, I think quite a few people are STILL talking about Galt, Stick, Marc Holt… Dana? I haven’t heard from my friend in a long time! I will give him a write and see what he’s up to. I need to keep tabs on the competition. Stick? I think he’s the most well-known bar none. I still have 5.5 months left though, let’s see what I can do…

THEY WILL WAI DEEPLY and SO respectfully BEFORE MY GREATNESS and tremble as if having tsunami size piss-shivers when they hear my name.

Ok, so I have some work to do… How about you? Do you even remember your New Year’s Resolutions and whether you’ve aced them?

Author: Vern

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  1. Hey Vern,
    I’d say your doing really well. Me,I don’t make any resolutions,so I don’t have all that pressure. Have a great year!
    Best wishes,

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