3 Baht Per Minute International Calls on AIS Mobile from Thailand

There is a promotion for 3 baht per minute (10 cents at the moment) calls from Thailand to Canada, USA, Singapore, China.

Dial 00500 from your phone when using AIS SIM cards in Thailand.

Then the number, as usual.


1 – country code for USA
813 – state area code for florida
4492100 – number in florida

Many other AIS 1-2 Call services are listed at the AIS home page here:


You can transfer money from one phone to another, block calls, and do other cool things you might not have known about.

So, 10 cents per minute is pretty cheap. You can also call by SKYPE on your computer if you have either built in microphone and speakers on your notebook or desktop computer, or you can buy a headset with mic and plug into the proper ports on your computer.

Using SKYPE is something like 1.9 cent per minute to call back to the USA. You can call someone’s home phone or mobile phone for that.

Using SKYPE is free if you call from your computer to the other person’s computer. Meaning – you talk to them on a headset and they too are using a headset. You just both login to SKYPE at the same time and befriend each other and you’ll see them in the Skype program. Click them to initiate a phone call. If you have good internet connections the calls are VERY good quality.

You can add money to your SKYPE calling account with PAYPAL instantly, so it’s very easy to manage.

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