3 Weeks Without Internet in Thailand

This is the norm – not anomaly.

Out of the past 3, almost 4 weeks now, we have had internet (ADSL) work well for no more than a couple hours at a time. When it works I bust my ass and get as much done as possible because one of two things are going to happen. The internet is going to die – and for days, perhaps. Or, the power is going to start going on and off -and effing up my UPS battery, which is already solidly effed.

3G would be such a relief… as it is, I use EDGE on my AIS mobile connection and connect to the computers with a USB cable. This works 99% of the time – and is quite stable, but, about 6 days ago there was no EDGE connection either for 3 days.

It’s NOT a good time to be online in Thailand… The dry season is much more consistent – and though power still goes on and off a few times per week – consistently, year round, at least the internet during the dry season is a lot better.

Author: Vern

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