Block Unwanted Mobile Phone Calls in Thailand – Using AIS (1-2 Call)

I noticed that some folks were searching my site for information about blocking mobile phone calls – or call barring.

I’ve never used this, and didn’t even know it was possible until recently when my wife started blocking calls from her brother’s nutty ex-girlfriend. Get this – the girl sewed VOODOO dolls into his pillow cases when she came to visit him!

Anyway, back to the point. If you want to block calls from someone you don’t want to talk to in Thailand – and you use AIS (1-2 Call) – go to this page and follow the instructions:

Block mobile calls with AIS

If that page is no longer there – and I expect that will happen soon, because every Thai site I’ve ever linked to – changes their page names after a short time and all my links go dead. Click the link below to get the full page screenshot as it existed before they killed the link…

AIS Call Blocking Service

You may need to click it once to see the image and then if you hover your mouse over-top and it shows a + sign, click the image again to enlarge.



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  1. Vern,

    When using the Blocking feature, do you know what the message the person you block receives? Do they know that they have been blocked or do the think the number is now disconnected?



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