’s STUPID Comment System on Blogs

STUPID blogger comment system…

Jeez it’s no wonder everyone that understands WordPress moves their blogs there… the Google comment system for blogs really sucks – tremendously…

I just rejected 5 comments. 4 of them were supposed to be PUBLISHED.

There is no undo button.

I selected the 4 I wanted to approve. I then selected one I wanted to reject… i selected reject under that one comment – thinking – it rejects JUST that one – nope. Rejected them all.

Apologies to MJ, Siamerican wanderer, Gunny, Brunty… you gave me some good comments and I’m sorry I farked it up.

I’ll check to see if there’s a way to find the comments and approve them once rejected – like wordpress has – but I don’ think blogger has it.


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2 thoughts on “’s STUPID Comment System on Blogs”

  1. Mai Bpen Rai Krup. 55555
    It’s good to know you are only human and stuff these computer thingy’s up as well as us chumps!

  2. Didn’t the comments get sent to your email as well? If not, you can have the option changed under comment moderation.

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