Buy a Compaq Presario Notebook V3680TU or Similar at Tesco in Thailand?

I did. What a headache!

I bought it because it had no operating system – and hence, was cheaper. Only 16,990 baht at Tesco Lotus. It has FreeDOS, but I don’t count that as an OS since you can’t do much with it.

My plan was to install Windows XP. It is not done easily. In 3 days it is now complete. It was a trial and I wanted to let anyone else know – if you bought a Compaq or ACER notebook in Thailand and it doesn’t have an OS – if you aren’t upgrading to Windows VISTA then you’ll have a hell of a time putting Windows XP on it.

I put XP on mine because it’s very fast and stable. I like XP a LOT and I didn’t want to switch to Vista.

If you want to know how to do it – I am building another small blog to cover the troubleshooting and to get you up and running with Windows XP. In short you’ll need to find a way to get past the SATA hdd drivers problem and then get over the sound and modem problems, not to mention the touchpad, and memory card reader problems.

If you want to buy one of these notebooks I’ll even buy it for you and install Windows XP on it for you – see page, “Compaq Notebook computer without OS, installing Windows XP” for pricing options and write me at my email in the upper right of this site.

Or, see new blog:

Compaq Presario Notebooks in Thailand

Author: Vern

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3 thoughts on “Buy a Compaq Presario Notebook V3680TU or Similar at Tesco in Thailand?”

  1. You do? I considered that… I went so far as to check out the download page. That was it. I don’t like troubleshooting that much anymore. I did it for years workign as a computer Tech for GTE. I have microsoft certifications, MCSE, MCP, and A+ computer hardware technician certs – but man, anymore I just don’t enjoy it. Too frustrating. Linux seems to me like something that runs fast and is stable, but, to add anything to it – is a pain in the arse. To troubleshoot it – would be next to impossible as I know nothing about it. I don’t want to relearn an OS. Plus, I need certain things… FTP program within my browser is great with FIrefox for win xp. Scribefire – for blog posts – couldn’t live without. Instant network connectivity any internet cafe I go into in Thailand. Photoshop. FrontPage. and a hundred other programs I couldn’t live without.

    Why I was considering Linux is because if I didn’t have many programs installed – just Word – or equivalent – I would write more and edit my book more and not get distracted by all the other things I could be doing.

    Are my ideas about LInux correct or am I lost? Why do you use it? Do you love it? Why?

    Thanks for comment MJ. Vern

  2. that notebook would run like a scalded cat with a linux OS, Vern. Kubuntu is a good suggestion. that’s what i run.

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