Google’s Blogger Blogs getting Video Upload button in Dashboard

This is cool – I’m expecting Blogger to release a TON of stuff in the next couple months to try to gain back some of the edge that other blogging platforms have in terms of advanced features.

Not sure how many blogger in Thailand are using Blogger – but I use it for some of my blogs (this one) and it’s easy to learn and really the best platform to get started with.

Well, FINALLY they have a beta version (unreleased) but that I’m composing this post with – and there’s a Video button in the editor. So – I’ll try it and upload a short video here to see if it works since I’m on a free broadband connection tonight – traveling.

Here goes… Wow, says it’s accepts: avi, mpeg, quicktime, real player, wmv files up to 100MB

Video test of New Blogger Function >
M3 Students giving Math presentation

If it works this might be the FIRST Blogger video on a blog in Thailand – this is history!

It’s about 20MB large – so, if you don’t have a fast connection you might now want to try to view it.

I’m anxious to see it it works well since Thailand has blocked YouTube and that’s had quite an effect on some of my blogs – in particular my girlfriend’s Try Thai Food blog.

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