iPhone, the IPOD KILLER… (Apple Kills it)

iPhone > the iPod KILLER!

Leave it to Apple to instigate their own demise!
The new iPhone does everything the iPod video player does, and 9 times more.

Now, assuming this is going to be available here in Thailand – I’m going to get excited at some point this year. It looks like they have an agreement with Cingular – but, who knows? Maybe that only covers the contract in the USA for 2 years exclusively and doesn’t apply to overseas markets. Maybe the iphone is easily hacked and we’ll start seeing them on eBay shortly after they show up in retail stores.

Sure they’ll start at 40,000 Thai Baht ($1000 USD) on eBay for an unlocked iphone, but what the heck… if it really has all the bells and toots they’re saying it does – people will be lining up to buy them. I’m likely going to buy one if microsoft doesn’t turn it’s ZUNE into an iPhone killer! lol… joking of course.

See – this gives a preview of what’s online for this year – 2007. This might be the year of wifi, bluetooth 2.0, widescreen touchscreen phone devices with EDGE and everydamnthingelse. I’m excited for what the next announcements might be from Sony, Nokia, Motorola and the rest of them too. Sure, the iPhone appears to be supercool right now. And, if there’s nothing challenging it – it will be scooped up like lollipops. But, if someone else has something… and it’s maybe CHEAPER than this iphone beast is going to be… well then.

We’ll have to see that – won’t we?

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