New Apple IPad Coming to Thailand in 2017

One can do amazing things with the old IPad. I'm ready for the next level...

Ok, well, forget about my last post about the Amazon Kindle. Apparently Apple is coming out with another IPad, this one with features that make it a winner for me – I think. It’s all speculation of course -and whether Thailand will actually get the new IPad is completely open to guesswork since we don’t even have the 1st one!

Supposedly the new IPad will have a 7″ screen – which, to me makes a lot more sense since I can’t type on the stupid 9-10″ screens either. I can’t type on a 12″ notebook either. My fingers have to breathe. I’ve got no breathing room unless I’m at 14″.

The new IPad should have at least one camera, but if it has one it had better have two. The “Facetime” app that everyone is eating up on the iPhone 4 (no we don’t have that in TH either), and the new IPod Touch (no, sorry – we don’t fooking have that either) – must be nice and so Apple is going to get that going in as wide a distribution as possible – even hitting PC’s with it before long.

Apple is said to be adding the nice iPhone 4 screen to the new 7″ IPads – which will also help me to see the light.

The biggest issue for me – is price. I don’t much care if I can get 3G on it – because, well, THAILAND DOESN’T HAVE THAT EITHER! Get this -recently CAT Telecom went to court to protest the auctioning of 3G licenses! We may literally NEVER get 3G in Thailand – so stop looking for it, you’re only teasing yourself – like I am.

So, if the price drops down to around… well, somewhere a person living at poverty level can afford it – like most Thais – then I may buy the new IPad next year. Some say it will be out by Christmas 2010 – to me, no matter, in Thailand we won’t see the things for another year, so no sense getting excited.

What would I use the new IPad for? Reading books and watching video files I save from many websites – mostly YouTube. I anticipate a few long trips in the upcoming months – and years, and it would be great to not have worry about music, video, and books to keep me entertained on 24 hour flights.

I add to the mix 2-3 shots of something and I sleep 12 hours and need something fun to do for 12 hours.

Have you heard about the new Apple IPad – and, are you thinking to make the jump into Apple’s world of proprietary hell too?

Ideally the Samsung Galaxy something or other pad will be out before the IPad and give me an alternative. If it does, I’ll jump all over that…

Here is a video of the new Samsung Galaxy – set to be SHIPPING in a couple of weeks…

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  1. Hi Vern,
    Nooooo,Run Away,Run Away !!! Run fast & Run far from Apple products and Steve Jobs too. Do you really want Steve telling you what you can and can’t do with a product that you have paid for but really don’t own because Jobs is a control freak. Better you than me my friend.
    Best wishes,

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