PHP Programmer Needed: Teach me PHP and MYSQL for 5 Days

NEED an English speaking / understanding

PHP / MYSQL Programmer to teach me forms/PHP/MYSQL interactive site skills.

I have a Thailand web site project, well, MANY in mind, but one that I need to finish quickly. I can either pay someone to do it or I can pay someone to teach me PHP programming to interact with a mySQL database – I would like to find someone to teach me as we code the site. I have a Thai group that will code it for me for cheap if I want that. I’d much rather learn it so I can do other sites later.

Specifically I need to know how to code the variables that members on my site will enter into a form. I need to send that info to a MYSQL database at where I have my LINUX hosting with MySQL databases.

I need to put info into the database and have queries to take the info back out of the database to display in html for members.

There needs to be validation of member email addresses before they can join. Joining is free.

There needs to be a couple of pieces of info displayed with the member names as they are logged in – like number of posts and their rank – against others who are members. Members should be able to upload a photo / avatar to use on the site – though, not essential.

I will need to be able to edit member posts and delete accounts. I want to approve every post before it goes live on site – so some easy admin tool to approve posts and edit any field is necessary.

There are 80 cities in the variables list. There are 6 types of posts… 6 tables with data for each city… The tables have some of the same variables and some different. Mostly they are unique to apply to each type of post.

That’s basically it. The site is done – I’ve created all the pages – even the forms for members to enter info. I just need the database end of it.

I have full specs available that I’ll show you later. If you are just able to teach me as you go through it I will pick up a lot of it. I want to have someone here onsite so I can ask questions – the tutorials online are always missing something and I need to ask questions because that’s how I “get it”.

If you are going to be in Phuket, Phangna, or Krabi for 3-5 days and can handle something like this let me know. I’m guessing it will take about 25 hours of development time. I can’t pay much, but, I’ll be helping you quite a bit – creating variables and sections of code as you need me to. I’ll do the detail or dirty work so to speak so you can concentrate on the rest.

We’ll code it at an internet cafe – coffee shop or somewhere. I can’t pay much, but if you taught me over 5 days about 5 hours per day I’ll give you 5000 baht (1000 per day at end of day).

Please write ASAP as I need to get started quickly.

Thanks, Vern

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