Proactive calls from TOT to fix my internet?

My g/f answered the phone yesterday – they had already hung up.

She called back. They asked which house she’s calling from. I heard her tell her the complex we live in… I said, WHO IS THAT?

She said they said they’re from the internet place. I said, TOT? She said she didn’t know.

Apparently these guys were NOT from TOT – and they didn’t know where our house was or anything… but they knew her phone number which is on the account for TOT 1MB download ADSL that we have in Surat.

They wanted to come out and look at our house! I said, NO. They said that they will help the line go faster. I said to my g/f – tell them that we don’t need any help. She hung up.

We called TOT. They said that they hadn’t started charging us yet for the service until we agree that we’re getting good speed out of our connection… but that they hadn’t had anyone from TOT call us.

So – these guys got numbers from the TOT accounts and are using them to either convert people from TOT and into their own broadband service – or are scamming by putting spyware on the computer or something that listens to the line – or whatever.

Be careful with this! If anyone calls you and doesn’t know where you live for a service you signed up for – never tell them. Not many people – not any? are pro-active about calling you up to see how everything is working out for you with a new service.

I’ve not heard of that yet – anyone heard of anyone doing that?


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5 thoughts on “Proactive calls from TOT to fix my internet?”

  1. Yeah Greg, I’m not sure how “tech” companies make it here. It’s a crap shoot when they do any kind of pc maintenance at work – general A+ PC technician type maintenance or working on network / i-net access problems.

    Update: I had TOT come and visit. They reset my DNS to a hard-coded address. They fiddled around and did a speed test. THey got like 823 kbps. Now that’s pretty good. But, another writer in told me that they likely used a Thai server and I’d never get that kind of speed from a server outside Thailand. Makes sense. So, TOT and all these companies that promise you 1Mb are actually giving you that – if you’re only surfing Thailand. However, if you want sites outside Thailand – it’s WAY FARKING slower – more like 5-7Kbps. My upload speeds via FTP are better – so I’m not complaining that much. Well, yes I am – internet sucks here.

  2. Another good point.

    The only half decent pro – active company out here that I have dealt with are UBC. They are vey big on customer retention and do make the odd call out. They are still as hopeless at all the others when it comes to technical issues though :-)


  3. Hey Jack, thanks for all the comments – you’re reading so much stuff on here I’m impressed… or flattered or something. Yeah, forums just really aren’t for me – I find that I have to sift the shite too much to find gold. I couldn’t pan for gold – I don’t have the patience. WANT NOW! lol. Anyway, thanks…

  4. Eh, scratch that.

    I am on page two of your E-book: Living in Thailand and realized you wouldn’t appreciate the negativity generated by a message board. Too many minds speaking at once.

    My apologies.

  5. Sorry about my English, i have no excuse for it, i have lived in the State of Hawaii for 6 years now but still talk as if i just got off the plane from the Philippines.

    I love your blog!

    You must never become roadkill!
    You must never let those bugs eat you alive!
    You must survive, so you can blog another day. And above all else, tell the world how it really is!

    Before my tour and during deployment, i was at El Paso Texas at Ft. Hood. We were told to sit and wait but there is no such thing as a idle soldier. ;-)

    It was a whole different world there. I swear 85% of the population must have immigrated from Mexico. I could see the highway to the border from the training grounds!

    It was January and cold!
    People looked at us guys from Hawaii like we were aliens. Only a t-shirt and shorts on and walking around like it wasn’t cold.

    You can find me here:

    I post at these message boards.

    under the name Jack Hawksmoor

    Your number one fan!


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