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I have “Keylogger Lite” installed on my notebook computer. I’ve had it for a while, and I really enjoy it. You know why? You know everytime you ever typed something – and it took you more than 5 minutes to write – and you lose it – you think it’s gone forever…?

Maybe the power dies. Battery dies. Lightening strikes. Page doesn’t load. Server dies at the host. It rains outside and the internet dies in Thailand… your computer blue-screens or locks up…

IF you had a keylogger – you can recover EVERYTHING you typed… assuming you didn’t just lose your hard drive in a lightening strike.

There is also remote spying software for your phone and for your computer. If you wanted you could monitor your computer at home and have it send you email every hour or day to let you know who is typing WHAT on your system, as well as who is looking AT what… The spying software can take screenshots at intervals you decide and send them to you as JPG files. At the same time it can monitor every keystroke and log it – so you can see what someone is writing on your computer at home, work, wherever…

VERY useful stuff.

Author: Vern

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  1. Hi MJ, You ARE? Isn’t that worse than being a mac user? I mean, not from the speed and efficiency standpoint, but just finding software to work with what you need? I guess maybe now there is a lot of stuff available – yes? I used LINUX for a while but too long ago. SUPER fast. Very stable. Nice that way – but I use 50 programs or so that I couldn’t give up if I switched. … Vern

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