Subjective “Captcha” Verifiers

Captcha example.

These are “CAPTCHAs”.
A captcha is one of those sucky little annoying verifiers that pop up for people so they can prove they are humans to computers that need to prove to humans that we are humans leaving a comment or registering for an account online. I got the last one above WRONG when I typed in what I thought it was, “CMNUA”. Turns out the U was a V! Does that look like a “V”??

The reason these exist is because software programs can be made to automatically do almost ANYTHING a person sitting at a computer can do. This would save someone a LOT of time obviously if all he wanted to do was post a spam comment to 1 million persons’ blogs with links pointing to his site(s). He’d be a Google “chosen one” and have lots of PageRank and likely a lot of traffic to his sites. Traffic can mean money if the game is played the right way.

Captchas were created to stop idiots from making money on those types of evil programs. Well, to help stop it a bit.

What they do instead is piss me off all day. There are so many of these stupid things that weren’t thought out well. They’re so damn subjective that HUMANS get them wrong a lot of times. I’m leaving comments all day at other blogs – it sucks hard enough to have to type out one of these for verification… but most blogs have them (mine included) and I can accept it – because it helps me as well. What I can’t accept are the 150 IQ idiots that create these things. A “v” and a “u” can look remarkably similar. An “l” and a “1” can look exactly alike. A zero and an “O” can be the same. A “B” and an “8” have looked the same sometimes.

WHY THE HELL DO THEY USE THESE CHARACTERS??? They’ve got 6 billion other combinations of characters to use and yet they choose the ones that will piss off humans as well as bad software programs.

Here’s what I’d do. These are small images that are all the same size – and that have different pictures on them. The pictures can be blurry, fuzzy, dotty, whatever the hell. What they can’t be is subjective.

The photos can be of…

1. A face. Happy, sad, crying, laughing, etc.

2. An object. Gun, bat, comb, computer, pen, pencil – simple objects that everyone knows.

3. Colors. We have how many crayolas – 16 basic colors?

Use photos of the above and make them random so the computer can’t guess which one – but a human can pick everytime. Make the person being verified type in: comb, gun, bat, red, orange. Whatever.

Yes, there will be spelling mistakes – you always must compensate for human error. Make the list of acceptable entries for answers for “red”: red, redd for “orange”: orng, orang, orange.

If the person is too dumb to get one of the possibilities he or she is too dumb to leave a comment or to join whatever account you are setting them up with.

Have you seen the math captchas? “Add 7+3” “9-4”.

I haven’t tried to spell out the number yet, I wonder if that’s allowed.

There are many problems with these things – many times they don’t load. Some of them are in FLASH and you can’t even SEE them unless you download the latest version of FLASH or some other program. Sometimes there are errors in the captcha- meaning, it’s linked with the wrong answer! I’ve seen that twice! I wrote their customer service and both times they admitted – wow, something wrong. No shite!

There are some that have sound that will tell you the code and you’re supposed to type it in – but these sounds are of some type of file that always lock up my computer when they start to play, which really puts me in a great mood.


I could rant for weeks straight on how illogical computers, internet, anything with technology is. It drives me so crazy because I’m spending 8-14 hours in a day on the computer and it would really be nice if things worked logically – but the whole idea – the whole concept of computers and the thoughtless programmers that create operating systems, software and web sites is so annoying that I often want to put my fist through the notebook’s incredbily bright, ultra-sharp, and sensitive wide-screen display.

In fact, I need to find one of those movies about someone wrecking their computer and beating the hell out of it and live vicariously through that for half a minute. searching…

Ok, this guy was worked up good.

UPDATE: There has been a new cyber crime law that passed in Thailand making it ILLEGAL and prosecutable to intentionally go around the censorship of internet sites like Youtube.

If you go to see this video from INSIDE Thailand – you might be prosecuted…

Another wonderful day in Thailand…


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