Thailand Blocks (Blocked?) Blogger / Blogspot Blogs?

A few blogs are reporting that some internet service providers (ISPs) are blocking internet access to blogger blogs on I haven’t experienced any trouble as my blogspot blog is working ok this morning – and I’m accessing through AIS mobile phone modem on GPRS.

One of the bloggers at our network said that his other blog – the one that isn’t hosted at our network is getting blocked – and it is on Hmm…

Thailand really is looking like a joke lately. It’s like Communist China – blocking web sites where people speak their mind about politics and other subjects. Myself? I like to just shut up about everything. It’s not my country, I’m not a citizen here. I enjoy my blogs. I don’t want to be blocked. I think the government policies are so often times, a joke, but what’s the point in me talking about them – let the Thais’ fix their own country.

I don’t feel like it’s my job. Yes, I feel badly for the Thai people, but they have this mai pen rai attitude that lets it all continue… so why shouldn’t I? I think I should fit into the society, not disrupt it. Yes I think differently, but if the Thais’ aren’t acting out – why should I? I’m not going to change their country. I don’t even want to if they don’t want to.

They could block 100 more or 1000 more public information sites like blogs, video sharing, music sharing, political points of view sites… and you know what? Thai people wouldn’t care enough to do anything about it – so why should I? Foreigners will be climbing the walls with outrage – but Thais? Mai pen rai krup…

Blocking Blogger is something I thought they would do a couple months ago. I thought – there are way too many blogs expressing opinions on Thailand’s farked state of affairs for them to continue letting them through.

It’s obvious to expats and other observers from around the world that those running the government are entirely inexperienced and have no set plan for how to govern their country. It’s a scary thing, but nothing I really want to get involved with since I’m a temporary visitor here – not a citizen.

Author: Vern

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  1. I know Vern is always right. I have to agree with Vern this time. the thai generals seem to be doing everything they can to mess up the country. Strange way to get people to come and visit Thailand. Not my problem.

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