600 Posts and 601 Unique Visitors for Friday – Coincidence?

I’ve had this idea for a while that Google metes out visits according to some prescribed traffic numbers. It doesn’t just monitor your rank and where your site falls for keywords and phrases, it also limits how much traffic Thailand bloggers – all bloggers and sites get each day.

There are so many things that change on a daily basis with a website. If I add one post it adds numerous links within the site – and it is linked to from outside the site. Google crawls Thai Pulse hourly it seems – I can have pages indexed within an hour of posting – usually. That is supposed to be some measure of how much G likes a site.

Anyway. So – there are many changes within a day, a week and a month as Thailand blog content is added continually.

But you know what? Traffic to my Thaipulse.com/blog site has not varied much from year to year… meaning, over year one it was about 100-150 visitors per day. Year 2 – about 250. Year 3 – 350/400 and year 4 has been good and it’s skyrocketing lately…

All my other sites show this same very slow progression regardless of how many outside links a site has – and how many posts it has. How can the traffic stay almost the same week to week? G – limits it. I’m almost positive. They know exactly how many people are clicking on their search results and visiting a site as a result. Add to that they have G – Analytics and webmaster tools they can use for data.

It would make sense that they limit the number of visitors – so the top 5 sites don’t get HUGE volumes of traffic and the other 99% of all sites listed – don’t go bankrupt and call the big G – worthless as a tool for finding sites of value that match the searches…

Anyway – so on the blog today – 601 unique visitors. On the main thaipulse.com – almost 200. So – best day ever sort of. Sort of because there have been days I get 3,000 unique people – but it’s because of some outrageous post or something that goes viral briefly. Today – there was nothing amazing – and just a slow steady ramp up to 601 + 200 (some are probably counted in the stats for having visited ThaiPulse too). So a good day to be blogging in Thailand.

Anyone care to share what’s going on with your site(s)?

Jason at IsaanStyle must be KILLING it by now – he must have like 1200 posts by now. He is, by far, the most writingest blogger in Thailand (at one blog). Amazing string of writing he’s done.

Author: Vern

I'm an American expat living in Thailand. I like to write informative pieces about life in, living in Thailand, including topics like: Thai People, Thai Culture, Nightlife, Technology, and I have published a lot of photographs, videos, and even books on Thailand that you can find at ThailandeBooks.com. There are many photographs of Thailand here - feel free to share with attribution (a link back to the home page). All written content on this site by Vern Lovic. Contact me at Google+.

3 thoughts on “600 Posts and 601 Unique Visitors for Friday – Coincidence?”

  1. My site is approaching one year old, but my posting had been sporadic until the past few months. I have seen a steady increase in traffic, but nothing I can pin down to any kind of cap or filter that Google is imposing on me. The again, I only have 80+ posts and average about 40 visitors a day.

    I would certainly love to know how you are getting Google to crawl your site once an hour. :)

    1. Hi Josh,

      Thing is – the site is 4.5 years old now, I’ve got like 3,000 links (external) pointing to it. Internal is like 40,000 +. That means something. I guess it means Google crawls this baby often.

      Now – I’ve not done a test to see – is it really crawling that often??? But, like the last 3 times I noticed -and did a search for my stuff after I post – it’s there within an hour – sometimes minutes.

      Part of Google’s attempt to stay relevant while facing Twitter’s real time results… Its’ a good thing! Will check out your blog in a few. Take care there – cheers.

  2. Maybe they do, I suppose that makes sense from a user experience perspective to some extent. I have seen the same sort of progression on my sites.

    Nice job with the new look too, very nice.

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