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Over a couple years I’ve been looking at the sites that most of us use here in Thailand on a daily or maybe weekly basis. There are some sites that we all tend to use because there just isn’t anything better.

On a weekly basis I use or have used these dot coms:  stickmanbangkok; bahtsold; ajarn; daveseslcafe; thaivisa; phuket-info; phuketgazette…

and very little else.  That seems to be about it for me – and what I’ve needed over the years.

Being an internet marketing consultant in my past life and coming here to Thailand I ignored things online for nearly a year before deciding to get involved in some way again in e-commerce projects and large-scale portal development or some other area of development.

The quality level of sites here is horrendous, and yet expats are using them a lot because there’s really nothing else.  This lack of competition and lack of expat’s eagerness to get into the online “game” here in Thailand has helped to make the situation what it is.   Couple that with a lack of skilled tech savvy folks that know what they’re doing as far as web-site development, traffic generation, e-commerce optimization, site design (aesthetics), and general online business skills and you arrive at what we have today.

I don’t think I could name one site about Thailand that I enjoy going to.  Sites are in such a serious state of disrepair that they are either turtle slow, covered with graphics ads, have missing links, have a navigational structure that a 9 yr old child could improve on, bold or capital letters for text which is piss-poor for ease of reading,  a color scheme that copies stickmanbangkok which is copying something from when he started the site upteen years ago – called ” Paint.exe”.

The user experience here is really low-grade, and it’s pretty damn depressing that people that are making money with their sites are doing absolutely NOTHING to improve them.

Thailand is ripe for a major portal that contains well designed sites filled with quality content formatted in an aethetically pleasing way that isn’t focused on whores and expats, is designed to attract a portion of the huge Google traffic looking for travel information about Thailand, incites quality advertisers to spend money on ad placements, and builds on itself as more sites join the network…

Imagine all the quality sites existing in one major portal for Thailand.

The top site for teacher information.  The top site for online classifieds.  The top site for visa, workpermit and living in Thailand issues.  The top site for traveling information. The top site for information about Isaan, Pattaya, Bangkok, Patong Beach, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui.  The top site for photos of Thailand. The top site for Videos of Thailand. The top site for learning the Thai language. The top sites for different products from Thailand for sale.  The top site for weather in Thailand. News about Thailand. Expat news about Thailand.

Imagine that Google would find this portal SO full of quality information (optimized FOR Google of course) that there would be tens to hundreds of thousands of visitors per day to this portal and the web sites that exist as part of it.  Millions per month and tens of millions per year.  Thailand has 13.8 million visitors per year coming here. Most of them are searching online a lot for information before they come and while they are here. There are so many millions of Google searches that relate to Thailand.  A portal that is focused ON Google would grab a large portion of search engine traffic which is basically free when the sites and portal are optimized FOR Google.

Part of the secret for creating a portal like this… is blogs.  Blogs have supreme power in the search engines – not just Google, but the major search engines as well.

Why is that?  Google craves content rich, updated sites that conform to the formatting Google likes to see.

Blogs give it that.  Or, CAN give it that when they are formatted correctly and optimized for Google.

The plan I have for is something that incorporates all of this into one large Thailand Travel Portal.

I am astounded on one level that people aren’t “getting it”.  I know it’s a new concept to most of you and there has been stagnation for so many years regarding online efforts by those that have some level of “success”.

With this project we could raise the bar for what you’re currently experiencing as “success” though.

Imagine this large network of the best sites – linked together and sharing traffic for free.  Using each other to gain traffic.  Stickman’s site brings “x” number of people per day and then once they are done reading the articles they jump off to some other part of the network. Maybe travel plans. Maybe Bahtsold.  Maybe Thaivisa.  Maybe Isaan blog. Maybe to see the photos or videos of the day. Maybe somewhere else.  The visitors that come to the main portal – will see all the sites listed – they will come to KNOW that this is the top group of sites that Thailand has to offer.  They will stay at the site for a long time and read whatever information they need to get – and come back the next day and do the same thing.  The page views on such a portal would be very large because each person would likely see numerous sites.  The links that surfers create pointing TO the network become very powerful in Google’s eyes. I’ve not seen a Google PageRank of higher than a 5 here at Thailand sites. We could have a 7 or 8 with this portal over 18 months to 2 years.

Your traffic over the course of 1 year should increase more than double I would estimate.  I would actually estimate much, much higher – but I’ll even be conservative and say double.

I’m in contact with a lot of top level writers at the moment.  If I can get just a few to join now… and then over the next 6 months get 10 more… this portal will become something quite extraordinary.

I am opening up categories of blogs that have topics similar to some of the more successful sites that currently exist…  Nightlife in Bangkok. Nightlife in Pattaya, Patong.  We may create an online classifieds.  We will have teaching blogs.  We’ll have a photo of the day blog.. A video of the day blog.  We’ll have a tips for tourists blog.  We’ll have a Thailand technology blog. We’ll have many blogs that may cover some of the topics that current sites that have some success are covering.  And we may surpass them as we get enough focused content on the keywords that Google will send us large traffic for.

I want the sites that are currently successful to be part of this portal – obviously.  You can join as a blog and put links to your site from the blog. You would need to put links to your blog and to other sites as well that are in the network to form a strong network.  More about that later…

Ok, anyway – so that is the plan – that is even some more background about what the general idea is.

Create one place – THE PLACE in Thailand for tourists mostly, that are searching on terms used to find information about Thailand.

Own Google with well developed and optimized blogs focusing on key topics that will send big traffic our way.

Share that traffic amongst each other.

Grow bigger with time.

Have the premiere portal for Thailand travel in a year or so of time.

Am I making any SENSE to anybody?



Author: Vern

I'm an American expat living in Thailand. I like to write informative pieces about life in, living in Thailand, including topics like: Thai People, Thai Culture, Nightlife, Technology, and I have published a lot of photographs, videos, and even books on Thailand that you can find at There are many photographs of Thailand here - feel free to share with attribution (a link back to the home page). All written content on this site by Vern Lovic. Contact me at Google+.

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  1. Dear anonym-ASS…

    The 2nd comment is MY comment. There is no attempt to disguise it as my comment. If you click the smiley you will see that it goes to my profile – which is obviously mine with a thaipulse_mirror at yahoo account which I use also. The smiley is because both my g/f and myself have a number of blogs here. We don’t advertise the fact that her thai food blog is linked in anyway with my blogbombs, thaipulse, or other outrageous blogs I do. BUT do to blogger’s silliness we must pick a name – so I chose a gender-free smiley.

    THAT 2nd comment- the HUGE RESPONSE MUST BE MY OWN, don’t you think that’s obvious to everyone? Ya nut!

    Brunty is a writer that currently writes at you boner – and HE WROTE THE FIRST COMMENT.

    I don’t JACK UP MY OWN STUFF. I don’t need to. It’s exciting enough.

  2. Vern

    I think your idea is good.

    But i also think you are following the standard forum rules..and the last two posts are your own under recently signed up email accounts ;) You should have made them abit less obviously enthusiastic.

  3. I think it’s a win-win for great writers that don’t understand blogging and Google traffic at a very high level. How can you lose? Try it for 6 months and watch what happens. If you don’t like it – bail out – nothing lost. Everything gained because you’ll likely have had a lot more traffic and picked up a lot more regular readers to your blog or site than you would have had without joining the network in the first place.

    Some boner made a comment today asking WHY someone would join the network to “increase Vern’s wealth” when they could open a account themselves! hah!

    This guy doesn’t get it. It is not about starting a blog. Anyone can do that. Your dog could start a blog. Is your dog an internet marketing expert that can optimize your blog for high Google traffic, lead generation, optimize ad placements, edit photographs for the internet, add widgets to the site that increase readability, and repeat visitors? Is your dog going to do it for FREE? I’m guessing this guy couldn’t do it himself either. Or, he’d be doing it and not hiding behind an anonymASS comment he tried to post on my blog.

    He’s wondering why can’t he just start a blog and reap the profits.

    Oh well… I hope a lot of people can understand that a blog network has so much power in the search engines as well as providing a free place to network with others. If these major sites are interlinked through a lot of thought and planning about how to do so, the power in the search engines alone will generate more traffic than any of them do on their own…

    A blog network has power… this guy is now asking himself… Vern, why can’t I create a blog network – why do I need you?

    You don’t my friend, you don’t need anyone if you can do it all – good luck, and you’re welcome to the idea…

    I’m not concerned at all that someone will form something based on what I’ve written. The secret is – they don’t have 8 years of internet marketing and Google optimization behind them. They don’t have success stories behind them. They can’t tell you 20 ways to bring in more traffic to their site off the top of their head. They can’t tell you what dynamic titles are. They can’t tell you if the templates for blogger are optimized for ranking in Google and why they are or are not. They couldn’t tell you how blogs need to be interlinked with each other in order to get the maximum Google points necessary. They couldn’t tell you how to name your categories. There are about 1000 things that someone would need to know and implement to get it right.

    I know 1000 I’m sure. It is a major effort to get all the pieces to fit together in one project. To do a blog network – it compounds the effort.

    Anyone can start a blog network – I’ve given you the idea… it’s an AWESOME idea… however, there might only be 2 people in Thailand that understand how to implement something of this scale. :) I’m one and the other is a friend that is doing far too many other projects to get involved right now.

    If there are others I’m not aware of them and I’ve been looking for a long time.

    I’m ready to do this now.

    I hope I can find some great writers that want to do it too!

    If not, no worries… I think Thailand isn’t really ready for something like this. I think that overall, the people that write well don’t understand the concept. I think that the sites that currently have some traffic are happy with only the traffic they have. The owners don’t see the big picture. They don’t see beyond what they have. They are not worried about the future – the next couple years. 5 years. 10 years. They may not even exist in 5 years if they don’t do something major to upgrade their efforts.

    Anyway, thanks for writing – I really went off on that comment didn’t I?

  4. Yes, Vern. It makes a lot of sense to me. I hope it is a big go ahead and that good blog writers see the benefits it is going to offer them traffic wise. I am the same as far as you for Thai websites. And the content isn’t fantastic.

    You are offering to do every thing for these people. All they have to do is blog about their topic.

    It makes sense to me and if that’s so it should make sense to anyone as I am very slow picking things up.

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