ThaiPulse HACKED!

Man, it has been almost 2 years since I last had to deal with this shit.

A WordPress plugin had a vulnerability… about 8 of my sites were hacked. I ‘fixed’ them, only to find out that one of my sites was either re-infected, or never really fixed well to begin with. I’m not a hacker, I know enough to do most things, fix most things, and what I got hacked with didn’t require that much effort – a couple days to fix 8 sites.

Now, I’ve got it again. What a bitch it is this time because over a year ago my adsense earnings from Google dropped considerably. I figured – oh well, it’s just Google adjusting the algorithm, and I’m done playing that game. I can’t keep up. I didn’t look at Thaipulse for a very long time (backend). I’ve blogged a little over the past year, but not much.

I go to Google the other day and see cached version of available. I click it.

HOLY SHITE. It’s the same bogus software selling page on my home page as it was years ago.

Nobody using a browser can click it and get it – it’s just the search engines. I’m not sure how in the hell they’re making money off it. But, what it does do is reappropriate my site so now I’m ranking for such terms as adobe, where can I find adobe something or other… and then there must be links out to other sites that actually sell the stuff.

There are 4,900+ pages on Thaipulse with this subject. Not one did I create. That’s really a bummer…

So, changing the themes, the plugins, everything. Hope Google sometime caches the right page.

Worrying about websites is not really worth it any more. Unless you’re going to blog daily about something that:

1. Matters to you.
2. Can be monetized.

You might as well forget it.

I have a friend that sold his addiction recovery website for $200,000 USD. Pretty good – right?

It is getting harder every day to keep up with Google and what you need to do in order to rank well. Even creating good content – a LOT of it – doesn’t necessarily work.

You could have some someone hack you and sell their own stuff – profiting on your hard-earned work.

I’ve got an idea… not sure if it will work, but, I’ll be focusing on something quite a bit different from blogging for the next year. The cool thing is – it cannot be hacked. It doesn’t rely on Google (much).

What are you doing out there? Working on anything promising?

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