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ThaiPulse! Living in Thailand — Statistics!

I use Google Analytics for all my statistics needs, though it's not comprehensive enough, it's free – and right now – that works for me since I am not sure this blogging thing will take off like I expect.

Getting good numbers though so far…  I've got a few blogs, and a website (http://www.thaipulsecom) these will be the stats only for the TP here at (blogger)

Started this blog:  12/19/06

127 Articles written

124 Comments on articles written

Average visitors per day: ~ 120

Average pageviews per day: 2.5
This one is interesting.  If you go to my home page you can see about 8 days of articles on that page… That first page is actually composed of 8 pages.  It counts as one page view to Google. If the average person is seeing 2.5 pages they are also clicking on another page link from the right side – a category link.  There are anywhere from 1-16 pages of articles that are shown for clicking the one link (it shows all of them on the same page).  That means that the average visitor could be seeing (and probably is seeing) more like 10 pages of stuff.

Time spent on site: ??
It would be nice to see this stat but I haven't found it in Google Analytics yet. I'll look specifically for it today.
Update: I found it.  WOW.  The chart that you see at the top of the page is for February.  I had over 1000 people read the pages of the site from between 1 minute and 30 minutes, with a good percentage of those reading for 10-30 minutes.  That's great!  Sorry for the quality of the graph, google must make them small on purpose so they don't shrink down well – I used a good program, but this is the best I could get it visually  : (

Visitor Geographical Location:  Many countries represented… there are quite a few dots on the world map Google provides.

Google Money Made:  $ secret.  Suffice it to say, VERY little. LOL.

Google PageRank:  3 – Last time I checked.  Should check today, it recently updated my link count and it went way up. We'll see how much PageRank went up.

Most searched on keyword phrases to reach my site seems to center around bargirls, katoeys, girls, and bars.  Hmm. I don't write that much about those subjects, but that seems to be what people are looking for on the search engines when they find this site. 

I'm considering posting other stuff here that I've made separate blogs for, but I don't know how that will affect the search engines… I am not sure if having one huge blog of 200+ articles right now is much better than having a couple blogs focused on small niches of the Thailand blogosphere.  If I coalesce them all into one – the keywords would be more diluted for the site and perhaps lower ranking overall.

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