ThaiPulse Travel Blog Network: Do you write about Thailand?

Announcing… “ThaiPulse Travel Blog Network” .

If you write well and can write consistently (daily or at least 5 times per week), we want to talk to you about joining the ThaiPulse blogging network.

This is an easy way for you to get started blogging AND earn money, AND without more technical know-how than sending an email. No blogging software to learn… you just send us email and we’ll format your post in a readable format AND post for you at your blog at

What is purpose of the ThaiPulse Blog Network?

1. We want to build a blog network focused on travel in Thailand that provides well-written articles of personal experience by those that live here or have traveled here extensively.
2. Help excellent writers that don’t know how to publish and optimize their blogs for high-traffic and making money by doing it FOR THEM for FREE. In effect, they’ll be making more money than they could get on their own without a blog network.

What do I need to do to get a blog with ThaiPulse Blog Network?

  • We will send out invitations to some writers that we’re already aware of.
  • We will also accept applications from writers that want to author a blog on our Network. We have some topics for you to choose from, or, if you want to suggest a category, feel free to do so.

Once I’m chosen as a writer for a particular blog what is the process to blog at ThaiPulse?

  • You just write the 5-20 blog posts per week for your blog. (5 is fine).
  • Send each one to us us by email, including any photos or links you want to be part of your blog post.
  • We format and post your blog articles for you at your blog, including optimizing the Google Adsense ads and other ads.
  • You make ALL the money that your blog makes. We don’t make anything from visitors clicking ads on YOUR blog.

We don’t need to ask you for a commission from what your blog earns because we’ll make money from the ads on the rest of the site. We will earn some money when visitors to your blog are finished reading your blog and go to the common areas of the site. BUT, we won’t earn YOUR money.

You control everything on your blog – you can ask us to add your personal profile, links (within reason), photos, links to videos, links to other posts on other sites, anything…

We control the placement of the ads and the look and feel of the ads – but YOU control your user name and password to the Google Adsense program. We don’t need it.

That’s it.

Why did you start this network?

A couple months back I spent a few frustrating emails attempting to get a VERY gifted writer about Thailand to blog on his own. I just hate to see someone that could make money on their own giving away money to someone else. It reminds me of myself I guess. I dislike making other people money unless I’m making more!

Anyway, this writer has been writing incredible stories about Thailand for years. He is a wonderfully gifted writer – and yet has almost zero online skills. I was unsuccessful getting him to blog on his own. The last I heard he was blogging on a forum. Forums are dead-ends for bloggers because they have no real focus. It is impossible to control the content of a forum enough that it will consistently do well in Google for the best search terms. Impossible. Blogs get ranked better and will continue to do well for years into the future.

Blogs have everything the search engine wants. Daily, dynamic and frequently updated content that is NOW. It’s focused on a niche and yet it’s full of diverse information. A blog network of this type has exceptional value in the eyes of the search engines.

The main goal is that ThaiPulse becomes a small network of Thailand travel blogs that are all focused on helping travelers and long or short-term residents enjoy Thailand more.

That’s why ThaiPulse Blog Network was created.

So, join us as an author!

Why should you consider authoring a blog in this network?

1. You’ll get all the money possible from your blog advertisements.
2. You don’t even need to format your post well – we can do it for you, up to you.
3. You are in control of your content, links, photos, videos, etc.
4. If you need a photo or 2 added to your post – we can optimize the dimensions and file size for you.
5. We handle all Google Adsense and search engine traffic optimization for you.
6. You will benefit being part of the network because as a person reads other blogs or visits one of the sites in our network – they will see a link to your site. You’ll gain visitors quickly.
7. Your visitors will be able to subscribe to RSS feeds (ATOM/RSS). Many web-savvy readers use “Readers” to see blog content. If you don’t have RSS setup properly you lose readers that otherwise would read your blog. We set it up FOR YOU and it’s optimized for easy reading, Web 2.0, and Google ads where appropriate.
8. It’s FREE for you. You only receive money, not give us any money.
9. You retain the rights to your content after you leave! *

I think, there are so many gifted writers in Thailand that want to blog – and could make money from blogging, but the blogging technology and know-how that is needed to do it correctly and make money from it is overwhelming for many.

Now, you just need to compose an email and send it to us. We’ll put it up at your blog. You will make all the money from your own blog.

We will send you optimization tips so you can learn more about how to make great posts that attract readers and make you more money over the long-term.

In fact, we will not even know HOW MUCH money you are making because the blog will be setup with your own Google Adsense account and only you will have the password for it.

More about joining as a blog author…

Categories available:

  • Islands: Patong Beach – Ko Samui – Ko Pha-ngan – Ko Tao – Ko Chang
  • Cities: Bangkok – Pattaya – Chiang Mai – Isaan – ?
  • Nightlife: Patong Beach – Pattaya – Patpong – Isaan?
  • Thailand Travel Tips (very general – lots of things to include)
  • Tourist Cautions
  • Thailand WIRED (technology, wifi, phone service, deals, etc)
  • Isaan Living (Northeast)
  • Teaching
  • Katoey and Gay Scene (ladyboys, gay men and women)
  • Things to Do (Things you can’t miss and regular things to do)
  • Farang Food (availability in different cities, best restaurants, etc)
  • Thai Wildlife (show Thailand‘s unique wildlife: bugs, reptiles, geckos, monitors, ?)
  • Thai People

Open to ideas for blogs but they must focus on Thailand and be interesting to a large group of people. Ideally the blog would be a tool visitors or expats can use to make their trip or stay more enjoyable.

Sorry, politics and visa topics won’t be covered. There are excellent sites in existence for those topics and they don’t really fit with the theme. If you want to cover a little bit of these topics within your blog as “part” of it – yes, no problem. But we won’t have a whole blog about them unless someone can convince me why we should.


If you wish to author one of these blogs or an existing blog you already have, or a blog on a topic you suggest please send links to your writing samples about Thailand. The content does not need to be in the same category you wish to write for. The focus of your writing sample can be anything remotely related to the category you’d like to author, but should definitely be about Thailand.

Let us know the blog topic you’d like to write for and approximately how many articles (300+ words) you think, realistically you would write in an average week.

The two primary factors for acceptance as an author are:

1. You can write well. You have an easy to read style of writing that delivers information in a way that makes readers feel as if they are listening to a friend.
2. You have a real interest in the blog topic. You can provide 5-20 written posts weekly consisting of 300+ words per post on your topic. (5-7 posts per week is fine).

Can I cover adult material?

Sorry, no. Even the Katoey / Gay and Nightlife blogs are going to be written in a “PG” ratings style. We’re not prudes, but the search engines ranking us as high as possible is a major concern for us.

Do you OWN the material I submit for my blog?

What happens if I want to LEAVE the ThaiPulse Blog Network after a couple months? Other sites claim to OWN the author’s content, do you have the same policy?

* No.

If you want to leave the network you can leave anytime you choose. After you notify us by email we will replace your Google Adsense codes with ours. For 45 days we will get paid from your blog instead of you. During that 45 days we’ll be changing your blog posts extensively so that essentially, in Google’s eyes, they are not the same posts. This is very important because Google does not allow “duplicate content”. If duplicate content – the same blog posts, are found on our site and your new site we will both risk receiving lower search engine rankings. We retain the right to change your article so completely that Google doesn’t consider it a duplicate and so neither of us is penalized. However, your content may still resemble your original writing in it’s overall theme and outline – even the text – some of the sentences will be unchanged. At the end of 45 days we’ll remove all your original posts from our network and put up the revised copies that we created. At that time you’re free to post your original articles anywhere you wish and Google will love us both! How’s that?

This could easily become the strongest network of Thailand travel sites in a very short time. Over a year or so the goal is to OWN the travel market in Thailand. Blogs have a lot of pulling power. If the network is pulling in a million visitors per year, or even per month or week – your blog will see it’s share of readers and you’ll do OK with your ads as well. Oh – you can add your own products to your blog also – however you choose to monetize your site is OK – we’ll help you if you need it, if not, great!

Blogging in a network will mean your work is noticed and you’ll make more money than you could possibly make on your own.

If you write about Thailand everyday
and others have told you
they like your style,


ThaiPulse Travel Blog Network >

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I'm an American expat living in Thailand. I like to write informative pieces about life in, living in Thailand, including topics like: Thai People, Thai Culture, Nightlife, Technology, and I have published a lot of photographs, videos, and even books on Thailand that you can find at There are many photographs of Thailand here - feel free to share with attribution (a link back to the home page). All written content on this site by Vern Lovic. Contact me at Google+.

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    read your blog everyday and your idea sounds fantastic. I just write about crap mostly so I am not sure how I could help.

    Yes, good old scorpions. I ate them a while ago and luckily I didn’t have any allergic reactions. Hope you have recovered well.

    Good old Pattaya. How is it going there? You should contact jilinpattaya he is a really nice guy from just chatting to him on the net and has been there for a few years now.

    So if I blogged in Thai Pulse would I still use to write my posts and then email them to you?? I am an idiot, sorry mate!!

    Anyway I am going to slowly read it all again and try and get my stupid head aroubd it all mate. Jason

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