ThaiPulse Travel Blog Network: For Sale??

A situation requiring my attention has occurred in the states.

I may need to sell my
ThaiPulse Travel Blog Network Site…

This would not include blogs –
though some might be available for sale.

I would be able to train someone if they wanted to take it over. Or, just facilitate the transfer. Up to you.

If I’m leaving Thailand I’m leaving in June or July. I am thinking about a bidding process with a buy-it-now option – like EBay. But that’s as far as I’ve thought about this. Give me a day or so…

Ok, more later…

Author: Vern

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3 thoughts on “ThaiPulse Travel Blog Network: For Sale??”

  1. Hi Matt, how are things?! I switched over from Blogspot hosted to FTP publish from blogger to my domain. That necessitated using a classic template and losing all customization. I’m trying to get all that stuff back up there – but it’s slow going. Today I added mybloglog and links to internal sites in the network – but no external ones yet. Send me your link again buddy so I can get it up there! SORRY! I need to do so much stuff here in the short term. Did you hear Thailand is blocking blogger sites or domain now?

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