Site – Huge Visitor Increase

Good news!

My main Thailand site: has grown in huge jumps over the past two weeks. Currently there are over 2400 visitors per DAY coming to the site. The site is serving over 5000 pages per day on average. I think having over 1700 pages of content that is being indexed by Google is really helping matters!

I knew that logically it was going to ramp up soon and this is about the 6 month point, so it makes sense. There should be a Google PageRank update coming at the end of June (plus or minus 3 weeks) so there should be some increase in that as well.

If anyone with a Thai-based website wants to swap links quickly before Google comes through for PageRank checks send me an email: ThaiPulse[at][gmail].[com] and we’ll see if it makes sense.

Note: The site is no longer for sale at the price of 39,000 Thai baht as offered before. The increase in value has been considerable over the last two weeks. I’ve already notified all persons seriously interested in the site that the details of the sale have changed and the site is no longer available at the previous price.

Author: Vern

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