The Ultimate Digital Camera for Thailand – Nikon AW300 (Waterproof) – Available

I missed my chance to get a new Nikon AW300 camera in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (KLCC Nikon Store) when I was there, but now Amazon is selling them and I got one through there. If you’re in Thailand I’m not sure you can get them sent through Amazon – but, it’s worth a try. I’ll be headed back to Malaysia soon – so I’ll buy mine there.

Nikon Underwater AW300 Orange – Yellow – Black

Why is the Nikon AW300 the ultimate Thailand camera?

First of all it’s waterproof and drop proof. Sure you could still kill it with a good drop, but it’s supposed to be good for drops and underwater. This is something I need. I recently dropped one of my cameras in a mountain stream. The main board is fried and will cost 8,000 THB to fix. I have had 6 other cameras in Thailand that have died due to humidity (I guess) killing them. These were all Sony cameras from 5K THB to 13K THB. I’ve finally decided – weather proofed, waterproofed – or nothing at all. You should probably learn from my 6+ years of replacing cameras and just buy a good waterproof camera too.

Recently had a review of the top waterproof cameras. When you compare this Nikon to the best of that group in terms of specs – this camera wins, easily. With Nikon’s reputation, I’m going to guess that this camera will also easily beat the others in real-life testing. We’ll have to wait to see when they do another comparison, or just check out YouTube – someone else will do one shortly I am sure.

The price isn’t bad, it is in line with the rest of the waterproof cameras like Panasonic and Olympus – two of the best. It REALLY isn’t bad when looked at in terms of replacing it in a year or two because the humidity got to it and killed it. That shouldn’t happen with the waterproof cameras – they are pretty well sealed.

Of course you could pay more and get the ultimate ultimate camera for Thailand – which would be, for price, the Nikon D7000.

When I can, I’ll grab one of these too. The price has fallen dramatically over the last 6 months and they’re now affordable at less than $400 USD.

Oh, and here is some video from the new Nikon AW100 underwater camera – it’s by far the best underwater footage I have ever seen from a simple point and shoot camera. Nikon KILLED this niche with this camera…

Nikon Underwater AW300 Orange – Yellow – Black

Which camera do you like? Are you a Nikon lover? Canon?

I know a photographer here in Thailand, wait, I know two – that both shoot with FUJI cameras. Personally, I like Canon as a 2nd choice but – there are a lot of good options out there now. Sony has started making DSLR’s and one of them is even weatherproof (resistant).

What do you have? What are you buying?

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